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hms • NINA KLEIN Agency : WHAT IS WORTH COMMITTING TO?, Nina Klein in the #effectivetogether spot for DR. HAUSCHKA, VOGUE Ukraine, STYLEBOP, GUCCI, CLOSED, Deutsch VOGUE, LEGERO, ELLE Czech, LATEST mag …

23.09.2020 • Nina Klein : “Today, we would like to share Essence #5 from our manifesto ‘AWARENESS IS FIRE’ with you: #5 WHAT IS WORTH COMMITTING TO? Answering the question “What For?” reminds us of the goal and gives us the perseverance necessary to get there. Chasing options and new projects is integral to all creative existence. It is a battue of sorts with little time during the hunt for such a simple question like “What For?”.

Conscious commitment, however, makes us strong. Making a decision and taking responsibility helps us to focus more clearly. The work we do on details is already part of the bigger picture. Particularly considering the turbulent past couple of months behind us and the uncertainty of how things are going to play out, these have always been words to live by for us. Because only by answering the question “What For?” individually for ourselves can we manifest or own path, an individual leitmotif with clarity.”

A matching bracelet and room for notes to manifest a personal “What For?” is now available in our agency shop for only € 12.00. GoSee : or

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Agencies • TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT : S.OLIVER BLACK LABEL campaign for Mäurer & Wirtz House of Perfumes, PUSS PUSS Magazine, plus personal projects

23.09.2020 • At the beginning of the year, David HAASE c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT photographed the sensual S.Oliver Black Label campaign in Cape Town for Mäurer & Wirtz House of Perfumes. The shoot was produced by Cologne-based production company Palladium. On location in the city of Cape Town, the creatives were supported by South African production company NORTH SOUTH PRODUCTIONS.

And David made the most of the beautiful summer sun in Cape Town to shoot a personal spread directly afterwards together with model Rebecca Nmyr, supported by assistant Paula Schumacher and hair & make-up artist Andrea Young.

Immo FUCHS c/o TOBIAS BOSCH FOTOMANAGEMENT used the last days of summer to realize a shoot for the magazine, for which he photographed model Laura Henze c/o Modelwerk both in the studio and on location. Styling support came from Mine Uludag, and in charge of hair & make-up was Melanie Krüger.

About – PUSS PUSS is an international, bi-annual magazine and online platform for culture, fashion, music and cat lovers. PUSS PUSS is inspired by people who go their own way and are not influenced or...

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h&m • CLOSE UP AGENCY : Schauspieler Maximilian Mundt in METAL mag, L’OFFICIEL India, FUCKING YOUNG! online, F.A.Z. QUARTERLY mag, HARPER’S BAZAAR Greece, FRANCKIE & CLO, and MARIE CLAIRE Espana

23.09.2020 • Maximilian Mundt was born in Hamburg in 1996 as the son of a nurse from the GDR and a Hungarian car mechanic. In 2014, he graduated with the German Abitur from Bondenwald secondary school. He made his first television appearance in series, and his first leading role in a feature film was in the Ruhr Area comedy ‘Radio Heimat’ which was directed by Matthias Kutschmann. His lead role in the successful Netflix series ‘How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)’ has brought Maximilian Mundt international fame. For METAL magazine, Artu Cardoza photographed him with grooming by Elena KÖHLER c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY. The spread can be seen on the website of the magazine. GoSee:

‘Come out and play!’ was the name of the game for model Esther Lomb in L’OFFICIEL India, who was photographed by Per Florian Applegren with hair & make-up by Elena KÖHLER c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY, styling by Raquel Bencomo.

German male model Erik Kettschick in METAL magazine – photos by Dome Darko and grooming by Sebastian SALAS c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY, styling: Britta Dannert

‘Just in the...

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Agencies • NERGER M&O : IRIS VON ARNIM UOMO Fall/Winter 2020 campaign in photos and film, the new VOTEC VRC, AUDI A3 motifs, plus a personal project

23.09.2020 • The Canary Islands, which belong to Spain, are considered a little world of their own. The islands of the archipelago are just as different as they are photogenic. And primus inter pares is the isle of Lanzarote. Black volcanic stone meets primal places which seem like from another time. White, green, and charcoal-gray are the predominant colors, just made for international fashion productions. IRIS VON ARNIM UOMO Fall/Winter 2020 couldn’t agree more and teamed up with fashion photographer Florian GRILL c/o NERGER M&O to photograph the latest menswear collection on the island. GoSee :

New work by racing bike expert Votec : With the VRC, the resourceful manufacturer from Stuttgart is introducing a carbon-fibre racing bicycle for the street that isn’t afraid of going a bit off-road & cross-country. For the client VOTEC with Alexander Bethge and Stephan Geiß, Jan VAN ENDERT c/o NERGER M&O photographed the campaign for the new Votec VRC – and delivered the film for it on top. The executive agency was Kiska GmbH with Rouven Steinke in creation. DOP was Philipp...

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Agencies • OFFENBLENDE : ‘OFF VOID’ – Toni Dreher-Adenuga for VOGUE PORTUGAL, ‘Polyflowers’ on the contrast between the natural and synthetic color spectrums, as well as an OFFENBLENDE Photography Competition on the topic of ‘Freedom’

23.09.2020 • Out of the void. Is exactly where we want to be in a year (in less time if possible). We don’t want to miss anything. We want everything. We want what’s possible and impossible. We want a colorful world, finally… At the end of August, VOGUE PORTUGAL published the spread ‘OFF VOID’ by Berlin-based OFFENBLENDE photographer Kathleen. It was produced on the island of Rügen with model Oluwatoniloba Dreher-Adenuga, stylist Juliana Eckhart and Sven Bensemann (Creative Direction / Production of the editorial).

The matching video was realized by Twist Film Production: “Production took place on a limestone rock in Rügen. Transporting and building the geometric walls, which were originally made of Styrofoam, took over two hours. In post production, we carefully retouched and replaced the walls by rotoscoping and tracking…”

‘Polyflowers’ is the title of a personal project by OFFENBLENDE photographer Vanessa LEISSRING. We’re drowning in plastic waste because too much of it is ending up in our oceans. Two thirds of all waste found in the ocean today consists of plastics: on beaches, in the...

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