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PROD Vamos criar – TWO PALMS PRODUCTIONS produces for IBM’s ‘New Creators’ campaign

30.03.2023 • Vamos criar – is Portuguese and roughly means ‘come on, let’s create!’ The claim with which IBM is now presenting the new generation of creative go-getters – paving the way for us to a better future.

The global IBM ‘New Creators’ campaign, realized by photographer Bob Wolfenson, was produced by TWO PALM PRODUCTIONS.

IBM on the campaign : “IBM celebrates people who use technology creatively to drive change in business and the world. We call them the New Creators.” Right now, 31 such New Creators, across the globe, are featured by IBM.

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a publicly traded multinational IT and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York State. IBM is among the world’s leading companies, in particular, for industry-specific products and services in the IT sector as well as software and hardware. In 2019, IBM had more than 300,000 employees worldwide.

Two Palms is a full-service production company headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in advertising and editorial shoots : “Although we can produce anywhere, we are known for producing...

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AGENCIES Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER accompanied the AUDI Q8 e-tron on Valentine’s Day

27.03.2023 • For a special campaign on Valentine’s Day, four commercials were produced with the Audi Q8 e-tron in the lead role.

Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER accompanied the film shoot in Barcelona and realized the atmospheric photos – to underscore the individual topics. The executive agency was thjnk.

GoSee :

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AGENCIES MAKING PICTURES : JOHNNIE WALKER print & motion campaign, ROYAL SALUTE Times Series 51 Year Old whisky commercial, Tank Magazine x Akoni Eyewear, ‘Date Night’ film by director Olly Burn

22.03.2023 • ‘Whether a walk on the wild side or bold steps into the future…’ Tais SIROTE c/o MAKING PICTURES was in charge of motion and stills for the eye-catching JOHNNIE WALKER campaign for Anomalie.

With the Chivas ROYAL SALUTE Times Series 51 Year Old, the legendary whisky brand Royal Salute from the company Chivas presents its second strictly limited bottling of the exclusive Times Series collection. Sam HOFMAN c/o MAKING PICTURES staged the fine bottle like a flacon in a video with thrilling lighting accents and dramatic music.

In 1953, the young Princess Elizabeth ascended the throne. The occasion called for a tribute fit for a queen, which is why an exquisite blend was created using whisky from Strathisla, the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands. It was given the name Royal Salute – after the famous 21-gun-salute – and so began the story of a remarkable whisky.

Olly BURN c/o MAKING PICTURES presents us his short film ‘Date Night’ full of atmosphere here on GoSee, which was shot at London restaurant Golden Tiger with the cast Xena Newman, Joseph Rowe and Eitetsu Nozawa...

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AGENCIES #TheAgeIFeel – Betina DU TOIT c/o LGA MANAGEMENT directs the SHISEIDO Ginza Tokyo beauty spot – and meet LGA MGMT in XXL at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

16.03.2023 • For 150 years, SHISEIDO has stood for intensive research, a holistic approach and the combination of tradition and modern science when it comes to beautiful skin and well-being. Shiseido Ginza Tokyo, founded in 1872, stands for premium Japanese cosmetics of the highest quality. From its 29,000 employees worldwide, 1,000 alone work in the area of research for the Japanese cosmetics company.

Live the age you feel … – We present you #THEAGEIFEEL spot filmed by director Betina DU TOIT c/o LGA MANAGEMENT for SHISEIDO. It was launched in March, an entire month dedicated to women. The spot presents three women of different ages and ethnic backgrounds who demonstrate that beauty does not have an expiration date. #TheAgeIFeel is aimed at challenging our obsession with perfection and helping women to appreciate their beauty which changes with every new day. The digital campaign was planned by Dentsu.

The success story of the globally active beauty corporation actually began as a pharmacy in the popular Ginza district, which also explains the name Shiseido Ginza Tokyo. In 1872, Arinobu...

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POST ONE HUNDRED BERLIN post-produces the L’OCCITANE STAR INGREDIENTS campaign for photographer Alexander Kilian and the agency Anomaly

14.03.2023 • CREDITS
Photographer: Alexander Kilian represented by Freda+Woolf
Finishing: One Hundred Berlin
Photo Assistant: Ruben Schmitdt
Prod. Designer: Ruth Barlett
Prod.: Anna Bauer
Prod. Company: BWGTBLD
Ad Agency: Anomaly
CD: Sebastian Lyman and Justin Fly
Senior Art Director: Marc Garreta Mayara Schmidt
Producer: Eric Kim
Creative Project Manager: Julia Saumande
ECD: Remi Guigou
AD: Celine Ducros
Brand Manager: Alicia Schieferdecker
PR Manager: Coraline Pages
Head of Production: Tatiana Giudici

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