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prod • Ivonne Veith and Tina Just photograph the spread ‘Vlasove bohatstvi’ for HARPER’S BAZAAR CZECH – an editorial produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION

25.10.2021 • Hair wealth is what ‘Vlasove bohatstvi’ translates to. The hair beauty spread was photographed by Ivonne Veith and Tina Just with the support of WINTELER PRODUCTION for HARPER’S BAZAAR CZECH. Besides classic production, Tiffany Winteler and her team were also responsible for selection of the creative team.

Sophisticated, elegant and provocative – are precisely what Harper’s BAZAAR stands for. It’s the style resource for women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture, luxury to lifestyle, art and interior, with a history spanning 150 years and more than 40 international editions. With gentle authority and insider insight, Harper’s BAZAAR showcases the work of visionary stylists, expressive photographers and talented designers, covering what’s new to what’s next. Harper’s BAZAAR is known internationally for its blend of intelligent commentary and dynamic photography, and enjoys always having the first and last word in fashion. Hair & make-up: Kerstin Hajdu, post: Tina Just and The Visual Craft Room.

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Agencies • Let’s Dance – DISCO CREATIVES presents you the DISCO CASTING short film, produced by Disco Creatives, co-directed by Pammi-Joy Oppenheimer & Jana & Koos

21.10.2021 • We are living here. We are living now. As casting directors, DISCO CREATIVES present you with this film a fantasy version of how a story can be told. For the film, they reinvented the jobs for which they were asked to cast and reinterpreted them full of imagination.

Disco Creatives : “We thought up roles that these characters would play in our ideal world. The idea was to grasp ourselves as an audience, to let go and find out who we are. Because films ultimately show us how we see the world.”

Good casting direction presents the unexpected and makes it work. A large part of the magic behind this very special craft comes from lucky coincidences, surprises, nonsense – always in combination with experience, professionalism and hard work.

The imperfections, the intimate off-screen moments before and between a session, the mistakes and flaws – are all things in the end that make the work feel alive : “Enter… Peter and the Wolf, the soundtrack for the film, which we arrived at as one of these ‘lucky’ strokes as incongruence became harmonious precisely because of its independence from the...

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Agencies • Highsnobiety x H&M – the director’s cut by Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN for you on GoSee.NEWS

20.10.2021 • Hamburg native and natural talent Gifty Lartey, age 25, made her dream come true and traveled the world as a dancer and choreographer. Her journey took her from the Hip Hop Academy in Hamburg-Billstedt, via the Kampnagel Theater, where she first performed as a dancer at fifteen, to the renowned Thalia Theater – and finally on a tour across Germany with dance performances.

Dancing at her side in the Highsnobiety x H&M director’s cut by Ruben RIERMEIER c/o JULIA WALDMANN presented here is Phoenix Chase-Meares (TobyLikesMILK and Co-creator @thesoulsauna), who was also responsible for choreography of the spot. The third dancer in the trio was Justice. All three were styled by Lawrie Abei.

Director: Ruben Riermeier c/o JULIA WALDMANN
DOP: Stephan Mühlau
Client: Highnsobiety X H&M
Producer: Adrià Paituví
Styling: Lawrie Abei
Model: Gifty Lartey
Model2: Phoenix Chasem
Photographer: Ruben Riermeier c/o JULIA WALDMANN

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Agencies • TUMI introduces CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT], a new scent that is the perfect companion on a man’s journey – post production and production in the hands of NOW OPEN 

12.10.2021 • International travel and lifestyle brand TUMI announces the launch of its third fragrance for men : CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT]. CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT] is the newest addition to the previous line of fragrances AWAKEN [08:00 GMT] and UNWIND [20:00 GMT], and reflects the lifestyle of the ultimate trailblazer, who is purposefully impulsive : always wandering but never lost. He is on a journey and knows his destination : seeking adventure and thrill within success.

Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI, tells us about the fragrance : “In light of a world where people are rediscovering travel, continuing TUMI’s foray into fragrance meant learning and understanding the different scents one can experience on a journey. The notes chosen for CONTINUUM [12:00 GMT] were carefully selected to embody those inspirational voyages.”

NOW OPEN was responsible both for post production and production of the campaign. From product modeling, ingredients, environment, animation CGI, color grading, editing and sound – all from a single source. Director : An Le, also c/o NOW OPEN Group.

TUMI CONTINUUM has been...

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Agencies • NEW at GoSee : DISCO CREATIVES, agency for photographers, stylists, CDs, hair & make-up, Cape Town; we kick things off with RICH MNISI’s ‘Mafamba Yexe’ S/S ‘22 campaign

07.10.2021 • We are delighted to welcome DISCO CREATIVES at GoSee. The agency from Cape Town with Managing Director Nina Petersen represents artists in the areas of photography, creative direction, cinematography, multi-disciplinary work, styling and hair & make-up. Plus, DISCO CREATIVE has an excellent network and supports productions on location in Cape Town and throughout South Africa. In the affiliated studio DISCO CASTING, directors are responsible for putting together the perfect casts for photo and film productions for clients such as TOYOTA, NEW BALANCE, RAY BAN, ZALANDO, APPLE or HERMES.

With stylist Peter GEORGIADES on board, DISCO CREATIVES represents an artist who is equally thrilling and dynamic. Following his education in Art Direction and Graphic Design, he assisted Patti Wilson, Editor-at-Large of VOGUE ITALIA, during his five-month stay in New York and worked with Lady Gaga, Daphne Guinness and Steven Klein for the 99th issue of V MAGS as well as with Susanne Bartsch for VOGUE ITALIA.

Back in Cape Town, he styled for TV commercials, music videos, advertising jobs and editorials...

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