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ILLU JSR AGENCY : STARTWELL 'Let’s Make Happy Work' campaign, ‘Have the Oscars lost their lustre?’ for THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and NEW entry illustrator Pietro Soldi

09.06.2022 • Empowering workplace culture through positive mental health – Startwell is the new diagnostic service for mental health at the workplace by MHFA England : “We create sector-specific mental health programs aligned with your mission.” Startwell is a program which is suitable for all companies and all organizations – completely adaptable to every industry.

Muokkaa c/o JSR AGENCY designed the characters for the STARTWELL ‘Let’s Make Happy Work’ campaign. He was commissioned to do so by branding agency Boldspace for their client Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and their Startwell service.

“For fifteen years, MHFA England has been in workplaces delivering mental health first aid and mental health training. We have always been clear that any training must be part of a whole organizational approach to promoting mental health and workplace well-being. During this period, we have learned enormous amounts about how mental health and performance can fuel individuals, teams, and business success. As a social enterprise, we are single-mindedly focused on improving the mental health of the nation....

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PROD ‘Corpo e Costura’ – the VOGUE Portugal editorial by photographer Linda Leitner, produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION

09.06.2022 • “The wardrobe can be a valuable medium to represent the many silhouettes of the feminine body, by playing with different volumes, it can mirror the myriad of possibilities of the female figure… By mimicking what we want for our own body, our clothing can shape us – as long as we’re happy.” VOGUE Portugal tells us about the editorial ‘Corpo e Costura’, produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION.

It was photographed with model Molly Emilie by Linda Leitner. Styling by Stef Woods.

Vogue is the world’s number one fashion magazine and a flagship product of the Condé Nast empire. Its first issue was published more than 120 years ago. Vogue is often referred to as ‘the fashion Bible.’ The magazine is always the first to give a full review of new beauty and fashion trends and sometimes even sets new trends, discovers promising names and dictates highest standards.

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STYLING Stef Woods
HAIR & MAKEUP Sabina Pinsone
SET DESIGN Carina Dewhurst
MODEL Molly Emilie rep. by Lemanagement
PRODUCTION Winteler Production

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PROD NEW at GoSee : NODOP, production and art buying, Norway and worldwide; starting with their DRESSMANN 2021 campaign spot

07.06.2022 • Norway Does Production, aka NODOP, is considered Norway’s largest production company. CEO Linn Flammier and her team offer you full production services and the coproduction of photos and moving images. In Norway, Scandinavia, Europe and around the globe …

We’ll start with their beautiful DRESSMANN 2021 campaign spot. The ‘manunderwear’ spot was directed by Stockholm-based Emil Klang, and it was filmed in Cape Town.

“We scouted A LOT of houses in order to find the architecturally most interesting. Which we did. There was only one problem: The shower wasn’t what we were looking for, so we ended up building a new one outside.” Emil Klang

Dressmann is the leading fashion chain for menswear in Scandinavia and part of the fashion chain Varner Group.

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CLIENT Dressmann
USAGE Campaign 2021

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POST ‘Drink the G.O.A.T.’ – STANLEY’S POST collaborates with OTHERWAY and The Mill for the new and intense ‘Strongbow Ultra G.O.A.T.’ campaign

31.05.2022 • ‘New Tastes Good.’ – The Strongbow cider brand from the company Heineken UK just kicked off a UK-wide campaign, investing £12m to celebrate the market launch of the 95-calorie Strongbow Ultra Dark Fruit cider. The campaign was realized by Otherway, who have held the account since 2019 after beating Adam & Eve/DDB in a competitive pitch.

STANLEY’S POST : “We worked very closely with the lovely designers and team at OTHERWAY in collaboration with The Mill to produce this amazing campaign. We had a combination of assets. Some photography, some stock, and CGI of the goat and can from The Mill, London.

First we built a master background landscape, a mountainous island in the distance with a shallow sea moving towards the camera. A lot of work was put into the color – getting a good CMYK match with the Strongbow can. We used a combination of stock and photography to build a superwide version to cover all the crops of the deliverables. Once the CGI was approved and signed off on at The Mill, we started building the final master images. A close-up of the GOAT’S head – we had to draw a few...

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