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AGENCIES LGA MANAGEMENT : JW ANDERSON campaign featuring It Girl Charli XCX, men’s fashion for OCTOBRE EDITIONS … and an XL exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

18.05.2022 • Charlotte Emma Aitchison, born on 2 August 1992 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire and better known under her pseudonym Charli XCX is a British singer and songwriter. She has written songs for artists including Iggy Azalea, Icona Pop, Hilary Duff, Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Britney Spears or even Gwen Stefani.

Conor CUNNINGHAM c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed the JW ANDERSON bumper bag campaign with Charli XCX and CD Jonathan Anderson himself. The bags ‘Bumper’ and ‘Bumper Moon’ are inspired by travel pillows and balloons. The inflated shape is created by machining neoprene tubes, which are required to make the extreme proportions possible.

British fashion label JW Anderson was founded in 2008 in London by Irish-born Jonathan Anderson. His brand initially focused on men’s fashion before moving into women’s fashion in 2010. Since 2012, the brand and its designer have cooperated with a range of retail fashion brands, most notably with Topshop and Versace. LVMH proved to have the right instinct, acquiring a minority stake in the brand in 2013.

The men’s fashion label OCTOBRE EDITIONS is the...

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AGENCIES No half measures ! - MARION WALTER produces the TePe oral health spot with actor and everyone’s favorite Jürgen Vogel … and meet Marion Walter at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

18.05.2022 • ‘Te and Pe simply belong together…’ – The agency Red Roses and the client TePe commissioned MARION WALTER with art buying and production of the new TePe campaign. With actor Jürgen Vogel in the lead role, the entire project was bound to be a complete success and a particularly fun job as well – which it turned out to be.

Marion Walter, Producer : “The atmosphere on set was great the whole time. The cheerful and lively way we all got along was the best setting to produce a fantastic image film as well as various shorter, but still very entertaining social media videos.”

In 1965, TePe launched a triangular toothpick onto the market and is today a global company with subsidiaries and distributors around the world. TePe is still privately owned and headquartered in Malmö, Sweden.

TePe on choosing Jürgen Vogel as the brand ambassador : “Our mouths play an important role in our lives – we eat, kiss, sing, and laugh with them. But we can only really do so in a carefree way when our mouths are healthy. Which is why Jürgen Vogel is supporting TePe in the name of oral health. With his...

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AGENCIES NEW : SRZ CREATIVE MANAGEMENT, agency & gallery in Berlin, with a first selection of works on GoSee and in person as an exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

12.05.2022 • We are delighted to welcome SRZ creative management as a new member at GoSee. The agency represents artists in the areas of photography (corporate, people, editorial, fashion and stills) as well as film (DOP), providing services to help realize projects of all kinds with a focus on photo and video productions between art and commerce thanks to a vast network in the creative industry.

Behind SRZ creative management is Sonja Riemann-Zibner, who has several years of experience in working as a photo editor and art producer. “After several years as a photo editor, I felt the great need to work intensively with photographers and cinematographers on individual projects in a different way again, as well as support and develop them.”

She studied Communication Design with a major in Photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts and worked as a photographer herself in the area of portrait and documentary photography before she began working as an art buyer/photo editor in 2014. Her passion is communication as well as a heightened dialogue about photography, editing films and developing...

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PROD On the Future of Iran – JPPS CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS presents Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi, photographed for TOWN & COUNTRY Mag in her adopted hometown Paris

10.05.2022 • JPPS was requested by TOWN & COUNTRY Magazine USA to support them with a special shoot in Paris... a rare interview with Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi. Photographer Cyrill Matter photographed the former Empress of Iran in her home in Paris for the May issue of the magazine.

TOWN & COUNTRY Mag : “In a rare interview – nearly 50 years after her iconic T&C cover – the former Empress of Iran, Her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi, contemplates her role as a force of modernity in the Middle East and as a symbol of what was and what could be for Persians around the world.”

Farah Pahlavi became Queen on 21 December, 1959, when she married Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and then became the Empress of Iran when she was coronated on 26 October, 1967. Farah Pahlavi’s family is of Azerbaijani descent on her father’s side.

Farah Diba was born on 14 October, 1938, as the only child of Sohrab Diba and Farideh Ghotbi. Her grandfather on her father’s side was a Persian ambassador in Russia and the Netherlands.

GoSee : &

Client: Town &...

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AGENCIES BLOSSOM MGMT : 50 Years of Unit-linked Policies for ZURICH INSURANCE … – and meet BLOSSOM as an exhibitor at UPDATE-22-BERLIN

09.05.2022 • Since 1972, Zurich has been offering unit-linked policies. At the time, retirement provision based on securities was rather rare. Today, fund-based products account for 80 percent of new business in retirement provisions. And now Zurich is celebrating the 50th birthday.

Axel Kranz photographed the ‘50 Years of Unit-linked Policies’ campaign for the ZURICH INSURANCE GROUP. At his side was hair & make-up artist Miriam Jochims c/o BLOSSOM MGMT.

With gross written premiums and policy fees of 50,998 billion US dollars, ZURICH, founded in 1872, is the largest insurance company in Switzerland and ranks fifth among primary insurers worldwide. The group is active in 210 countries and territories and has approximately 55,000 employees around the world.

Since 1997, the Blossom Management team has represented photographers, hair & make-up artists and stylists. “With this kind of experience, you can rely on us to find the team that will suit your specific requirements best – whether you are planning a photo or TVC shoot, organizing a fashion show, hosting a promotional event or looking for a...

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