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CELEBRITY ‘9’ - the new studio album by singer PATRICE with cover artwork by Marco KLAHOLD c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

22.11.2023 • For the release of the ninth studio album of the artist, Marco KLAHOLD c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed German reggae singer & songwriter Patrice in an atmospheric portrait series. The images reflect the artist’s personality and establish an intimate connection between music and visual aesthetics.

Patrice: “I was born on the 9th. On the day my grandfather died. My father, who was between grief and joy, named me Babatunde, the return of the father. Rebirth has been a recurring theme throughout my life, starting on my first day. For this ninth studio album of mine, I decided to take some time out. Deconstruct myself, clean all the parts and reassemble them with a new heart. It’s been seven years of discovery! My findings are what have created this album. Have you had a chance to listen to ‘9’ yet ? Would love to start a conversation.”

The artist is touring France and Germany at the moment.

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CELEBRITY ESTHER HAASE photographs the MADAME FIGARO cover story with Mélanie Laurent and Isabelle Adjani, now appearing in ‘Wingwomen’ on Netflix

21.11.2023 • ESTHER HAASE met up with the two actresses Mélanie Laurent and Isabelle Adjani for MADAME FIGARO. Esther has worked with both of the French women in the past, and the two of them have also been friends for many years. The perfect ingredients for a high fashion editorial in an intimate and laid-back atmosphere.

The shoot took place for the new French heist flick ‘Wingwomen’ on NETFLIX featuring the two actresses, which was also directed by Mélanie Laurent. What’s it about? A professional thief is tired of living the life of a fugitive and decides to retire – but not before doing one last job.

‘Wingwomen’ breaks with the typical gender stereotypes associated with action films. It tells the story of a group of four female heroes who get involved in a diamond heist, high-speed chases and explosive action-packed situations – all the while remaining as confident and witty as ever. Adjani’s character, the Godmother, is a powerful and manipulative person who adds depth and complexity to the narrative.

The decades-long friendship between Adjani and Laurent has only strengthened their...

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CELEBRITY ‘The Power of One’ - Charlie GRAY c/o LGA MANAGEMENT portrays actor Mads Mikkelsen for L’OFFICIEL HOMMES USA

13.11.2023 • For the title spread of the L’OFFICIEL HOMMES USA Fall/Winter fashion issue, Charlie GRAY c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who is busy promoting his new film ‘The Promised Land’.

Mads plays a Danish soldier in the 18th century who is attempting to tame the heath of Jutland to make it fertile and must stand his ground in the world of the wealthy and the aristocracy. The film is based on the novel ‘Kaptajnen og Ann Barbara’ by Ida Jessen. Its original title is ‘Bastarden’, and it was submitted to the 2024 Academy Awards in the International Feature Film category.

L’OFFICIEL writes : “Most will recognize Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen as the sadistic Le Chiffre who cries tears of blood from his scarred eye in ‘Casino Royale, the first James Bond installation starring Daniel Craig. The film opened the doors of Hollywood to the then 40-year-old actor, who had never seen a 007 film before auditioning for the role.

Others associate him with the NBC series Hannibal, in which Mikkelsen convincingly played the titular cannibalistic psychiatrist. In fact, the actor is...

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CELEBRITY Adam MORAN c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT portrays Nike Global Trainer Kirsty Godso

13.11.2023 • Fitness athlete and trainer Kirsty Godso originally comes from New Zealand. After graduating from college, she made her breakthrough in the fitness industry – starting to work as a trainer for a big sports brand and fitness company at the time.

Since then, Kirsty has grown as a trainer through experience. She lives in New York City today where she helps people achieve their own personal fitness goals through her bootcamp courses and online consulting.

Nike Global Trainer Kirsty Godso was portrayed by Adam MORAN c/o ALYSSA PIZER MANAGEMENT.

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CELEBRITY Jada Pinkett Smith on the cover of THE SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE (London), photographed by portrait & celebrity specialist Joe Pugliese c/o B&A REPS GERMANY

08.11.2023 • American actress and singer Jada Pinkett Smith was photographed by Joe PUGLIESE c/o B&A GERMANY for the cover spread in THE SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE (London).

All eyes were on Jada Smith and her husband Will Smith at the Oscars in 2022 when he slapped Chris Rock, the host of the awards ceremony. In 2023, Smith announced that she and Will have been separated since 2016 and are no longer in a romantic relationship. She added, though, that they still have deep feelings of love for one another. In the magazine, she talks about the ‘slap’, her separation from Will Smith, and everything about Hollywood’s most unconventional relationship. Under ‘Worthy’, she has just published her memoirs.

Joe Pugliese on the shoot : “Many thanks to @jadapinkettsmith for being so open to a gentle approach with this session. It can’t be easy to be in front of a new photographer’s lens and to build trust in such a short amount of time.”

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