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Editorial • ‘Wanderlust On the Plate’ – food special about fleeting memories of taste and smell by Christian KERBER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN for the magazine RELEVANZ

28.10.2021 • “For quite some time, I was no longer able to travel as a travel photographer and go out to eat in a restaurant as a food photographer. Instead, I shot photos with the chef Thorsten Gillert. Each dish stands for a trip to a different city – a culinary journey, the taste of which is a travel memory, a reminder of distant places, of exotic scents and flavors,” says Christian KERBER c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN.

“It was a conscious decision to photograph the plates completely set free from a real environment. It’s not about trying to look like everyone is sitting at a table together in the individual cities by means of styling. The colorful backgrounds make the plates appear as if in a dream in which the memory of taste and smell is fleeting.”

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Editorial • DR. HAUSCHKA on the topic of men’s skin – illustrated by Anna Rosa Krau with styling by Sophia Schwan, both artists c/o KLAUS STIEGEMEYER

27.10.2021 • Dr. Hauschka stands for certified natural & organic cosmetics with medicinal plants for face & body, as well as make-up for holistic skin care & beauty treatments. And this is what Dr. Hauschka has to say about facial care for men. Or Men’s skin? Dr Hauschka : “Men’s skin is not a skin type for us. Which is why we have one facial care range suitable for everyone. Because we look at the person as a whole, regardless of gender identity.

From the very beginning, we’ve focussed on skin condition over any other physical characteristics. And that makes us pioneers of gender-neutral skin care – all since 1967. Beautiful as you are. Who says women shouldn’t have wrinkles or men don’t have sensitive skin? We have never conformed to traditional beauty norms. We care about helping people feel good in their own skin. Because when you feel healthy and confident, it radiates outwards. That’s our definition of beauty.

And what we’ve found is : skin is skin. That’s why our products are based on skin condition. And that’s the reason why we purposely don’t have a facial care range specifically for...

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Editorial • Big Hair in the ‘Posey’ editorial – photographed with model Leslye Huenoup by SALLYHATESWING and published by SLEEK magazine

27.10.2021 • The ‘Posey’ editorial presented here is themed upon the afro hairstyle. The setting for the beauty hair shoot was designed by Cologne-based artist Julia Dill for SALLYHATESWING. The spread was published by SLEEK magazine. In front of the camera stood model Leslye Huenoup. Hair & make-up: Claudia Creuels, styling: Mascha Moeller c/o Nina Klein.

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Editorial • ‘Class of 2020’ – meet me at the test center. Personal work by LINA GRÜN c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN for the magazine RELEVANZ

27.10.2021 • “2020 is the year in which my life was determined by my own plans and no longer by a class schedule: Graduation. That meant getting out of school and out of the structures which had determined thirteen of the nineteen years of my life. What to do with all this energy? What to do with the freedom to have endless options in a totally networked world, and what comes next? Life as a college freshman, the first own apartment, an internship in the film industry, the year in California, or simply taking time off for my hobby, my friends, to party, to rest. All of these plans have to wait. On pause. For the time being, we are the people with the blue scrubs, the vinyl gloves and safety goggles. And we meet in the test center,” says Lina GRÜN c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN about her personal spread for RELEVANZ MAG.

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Editorial • At night in Mannheim – Christian BORTH c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL photographs for ENGELHORN MAGAZINE

27.10.2021 • ENGELHORN is considered one of the best addresses in Germany for fashion, accessories, shoes, sportswear and sports equipment. Christian BORTH c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL photographed a stroll through the night for ENGELHORN MAGAZINE.

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