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Events • ‘RUNWAY – (B)eautiful Level’ a photo exhibition as part of the first AAAREA Festival at Frankfurt’s Hauptwache railway station from 11 Jan– 10 Feb, 2022, for the Frankfurt Fashion Week

11.01.2022 • Due to Covid-19 and the current situation, the Frankfurt Fashion Week (17 – 21 January 2022) can only take place physically to a certain extent. Showcases, vernissages and exhibitions will be held, while conferences, talks and panels will be conducted partially in hybrid form. The BFF, aka the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers, teamed up with AAAREA, an association of eleven Frankfurt-based creative agencies, to pop up in a central traffic hub of Frankfurt : The photo exhibition RUNWAY – B(eautiful) Level is turning the B-level of the railway station Hauptwache into a very special runway. Fashion Week for all – and that in the middle of the city.

On 35 pillars, RUNWAY is presenting the large-scale images of 25 photographers from Germany and the UK – from international greats the likes of ESTHER HAASE, MARC TRAUTMANN, UWE DÜTTMANN, MANU AGAH, ROBERT WESTRICH, and PHILIPP RATHMER, or even newcomers and young talent. To do so, BFF cooperated with the AOP (Association of Photographers).

Stefan Weil, CEO of the agency Atelier Markgraph and...

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Events • What could be a cooler way to spend your life? Bernd POSSARDT c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS shoots the recruiting film for Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

30.12.2021 • The Max Planck Institute for Meteorology is an internationally renowned institute for climate research. The aim of the MPI-M is to understand how and why climate changes on planet Earth. The scientists at the MPI-M examine the vulnerability of the Earth system with regard to disturbances, such as changes in the composition of its atmosphere, and conduct research into the principles and limits of the predictability of the Earth system. To achieve this, the MPI-M develops and analyzes highly complex Earth system models. The targeted use of in-situ measurements and satellite observations complement model simulations.

For Hamburg’s Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Bernd POSSARDT c/o DOUBLE T PHOTOGRAPHERS shot the recruiting film presented here, which not only shows the employees but also underscores the importance of the research conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology.

It was just this October that climate researcher Klaus Hasselmann, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg, won the Nobel prize for Physics in 2021 “for the physical...

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Events • ‘Back in the Island’ – the emotional journey of an artist featuring Amanda Valle has been selected in over twenty international film festivals, taking home Berlin Commercial’s New Generation Award

07.12.2021 • ‘Back in Island’ is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic. Following an emotionally draining period, Amanda seeks comfort in the local culture by immersing herself in the colors and textures which were once so familiar. A journey of self-discovery, the short film became the main source of inspiration for the artist’s new series composed of twelve paintings.

Amanda Valle was born in 1984 in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. The only daughter of a single mother, she spent most of her early years at home. Living an ordinary and settled life on the surface, Amanda filled her time by drawing the worlds and colors alive in her mind, with views from the window becoming the first muses for her self-expression.

Amanda later left the island and moved to the US. This eventually led to her participation in several events, including Art Basel Miami 2017 and Salone del Mobile Milan 2018 (Nilufar Gallery). Since 2019, she has been living and commuting between the Dominican Republic and Miami, dedicating her...

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Events • Star photographer ESTHER HAASE is delighted to present her new exhibition ‘Esther’s World’ at LEICA UK, with a big opening on 10 December in London

30.11.2021 • “Leica Gallery London is proud to present the artist’s first solo show, curated by Sebastian Lux from the F.C. Gundlach Foundation. The exhibition is composed of color and black & white images carefully selected from throughout her career.” says LEICA UK.

As the daughter of an artist and a photography and design professor, Esther Haase grew up surrounded by the world of photography. After professional training in Modern Dance, Esther spent two years on stage before studying graphic design with a focus on photography. Since 1993, she has been dancing around the world with her camera and a head full of creative visions. International commercial and editorial clients, exhibitions and published books, including ‘Sexy Book’ and ‘Short Stories’, have all contributed to her growing success. Esther lives in Hamburg and London with her two children.

DURATION 10 December 2021 – 30 January 2022
OPENING HOURS Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 12pm-6pm
LOCATION Leica Gallery London, 64-66 in Duke Street, W1K 6JD Bond Street station

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Events • Stutter – the animated film by Pedro Allevato, aka SUGAR BLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY, for you on GoSee.NEWS

27.11.2021 • Stutter is an animated, dreamlike journey which captures the emotions and turmoil of a young boy struggling to communicate. The film by Pedro Allevato, aka SUGAR BLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY, shows us in its sensitive approach how this manifests in his life. Pedro Allevato is a multiple award-winning director and motion artist based in London. We are delighted to present you his beautiful film here on GoSee.

JSR AGENCY : “He has a wealth of experience in working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, and visual storytelling with studios across Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver and London. He has worked with a wide range of companies and projects, from advertising to the music industry, films, fashion or sports. Over the past ten years, he has continuously developed his skills to become a specialist in the areas of design direction, character animation and CGI film production.”

Already among Sugar Blood’s clients are brands and big names such as Adidas, Gorillaz, Google, Apple, Peugeot, Ford, Rolls Royce, BBC, GSK, Kappa, Visa, Warner Music, Shell, UPS, History Channel or agencies...

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