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FASHION MAX MARA ‘The Teddy 10th Anniversary’ - directed by KAPTURING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS

23.11.2023 • KAPTURING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER was commissioned to direct the film for MAX MARA’s 10-year anniversary of the iconic Teddy Bear coat (created & produced by The Stimuleye, DOP: Theodore Hugonnier).

This fall, everyone’s favorite fashion Teddy is celebrating a big birthday: It has already been ten years since the Max Mara Teddy Bear Coat won the hearts of well-dressed women everywhere. It was designed in 2013 and was inspired by a Max Mara archival garment from the 80s.

“Its abundant volume – a tribute to extravagance – made it an instant hit, worn and sought after by stars and celebrities. Pairing glamour with playfulness, its silhouette and exquisite fabric make it a perfect fit just about anywhere, whether on the street or red carpet – with a simple change of accessories! Season after season, it continues to reinvent itself… as a waistcoat or a biker jacket.” says MAX MARA.

In front of the camera were models Nel Sitek Dwyn @metropolitanmodelsgroup, Woan Ni @titaniummanagement, with styling taken care of by Nayeli De Alba.

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FASHION JJJJound presents a new PORTER bag series, photographed by Daniel FEISTENAUER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING for Bienvenue Projects

23.11.2023 • Following the ‘Navy’ nylon series back in 2021, JJJJound teamed up with PORTER once again to develop a new bag duo. The PORTER bags are available in JJJJound’s signature shades of sail white. Daniel FEISTENAUER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING staged the bags.

JJJJound is a lifestyle and design project founded in 2006 by Justin R. Saunders. Initially a blog, JJJJound has evolved into a platform exploring fashion, design, art and all things that spark an aesthetic interest. Alongside online content, JJJJound has also developed and marketed products in collaboration with various brands.

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23.11.2023 • Chinese model Li LINZI c/o ICONIC is now appearing in the GUCCI Gift campaign. DOP was Marcell Rév, and styling came from Alastair Mckimm. The project was supported by Italian designer Sabato De Sarno, who has been the Creative Director of the fashion house Gucci since 2023.


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FASHION & OTHER STORIES and designer SINDISO KHUMALO with a limited collection - and a campaign produced by BAKER & CO

23.11.2023 • & OTHER STORIES teamed up with SINDISO KHUMALO to work on a limited co-lab collection. The South African designer has lent her profoundly personal touch to dresses and beachy separates made from organic cotton, recycled cotton and linen. Each piece carries optimism interwoven with tales to tell. BAKER & CO supported the shoot with photographer Hedvig Jenning and DOP Dylan Boestra (styling: Anna Tornqvist, hair & makeup: Alet Viljoen).

"As an African designer, what truly matters to me is to design clothing that can highlight my African heritage and history, and bring it to light in a contemporary setting… Serving as the starting point for the co-lab collection were the materials themselves and ensuring they were sourced in a more sustainable way… Some of the silhouettes are inspired by vintage portraits of women from Africa and the African diaspora… South Africa’s cultural and natural landscape is expressed in prints and color." Sindiso Khumalo

BAKER & CO is an international production company specializing in high-end photo and film campaigns for the fashion and advertising...

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FASHION LOZZA - Eyewear as a design accessory in the latest campaign by Byron MOLLINEDO c/o KRISTINA KORB

22.11.2023 • Byron MOLLINEDO c/o KRISTINA KORB photographed the latest LOZZA campaign.

“Creativity comes from the soul of 1878, a classic step into the future,” says LOZZA. It is considered the oldest eyewear brand in Italy, known for its understated yet sophisticated eyewear models. A brand which has evolved over the course of its 140-year history to become the epitome of Italian culture, identity and style.


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