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Advertising • KÄRCHER SMART CONTROL APP campaign – strong, smart, reliable. Directed and photographed from a single source by JANA EDISONGA for Antoni Berlin

01.12.2021 • KÄRCHER presents the first pressure washer series with app control. “No matter what you want to clean, the smart application advisor will show you the right setting and transfer it from your smartphone directly to your Kärcher. With always the right pressure, always the right accessories – for optimal cleaning results and a superior cleaning experience,” that’s the promise.

JANA EDISONGA was in charge of the hybrid production – meaning film and stills from a single source – for Antoni Berlin. “Creation came up with a multiplier effect, which posed an interesting challenge with regard to choreography and subsequent post production of the film,” as Jana Edisonga tells GoSee.

Also on the team were DOP Sebastian Lempe and the one and only Tamara Sarischwili for production/casting, with editing by Alex Murygin, VFX by Christian Pundschus, color grading by Stefan King, styling by Alexandra HECKEL c/o LIGANORD, and hair & make-up by Anne Krarup.

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Illustration • ‘Draw Characters to Live’ – GILLES AND CECILIE c/o 2AGENTEN get powerful, imaginary characters up and dancing for their ADOBE PHOTOSHOP tutorials

30.11.2021 • GILLES AND CECILIE c/o 2AGENTEN created very special creatures for ADOBE. “When we received the request to be part of Adobe Photoshop tutorials, we were totally thrilled and jumped at the opportunity. It is an honor to be recognized as practitioners, and we went all in. What did we want to teach? How do we use Photoshop? What is our favorite tool? What did we want to develop for this purpose?

We knew for certain that we wanted to create a bunch of imaginary characters. Characters that would come together to play and dance. This last year has been isolating, and we wanted to make something uplifting and joyful. For us, dancing is joyful, and so are roller skating and cycling. Creativity is collaboration. All these characters meet to exchange ideas and movement.

The first thing we had to do was to break down our creative process. How do we create characters? Step by step, we made a list from rough sketches, editing, redrawing and refining. As creatives, we all use photoshop differently, and it is exciting to discover and learn how. We hope our tutorial will inspire new and seasoned...

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Events • Stutter – the animated film by Pedro Allevato, aka SUGAR BLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY, for you on GoSee.NEWS

27.11.2021 • Stutter is an animated, dreamlike journey which captures the emotions and turmoil of a young boy struggling to communicate. The film by Pedro Allevato, aka SUGAR BLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY, shows us in its sensitive approach how this manifests in his life. Pedro Allevato is a multiple award-winning director and motion artist based in London. We are delighted to present you his beautiful film here on GoSee.

JSR AGENCY : “He has a wealth of experience in working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, and visual storytelling with studios across Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver and London. He has worked with a wide range of companies and projects, from advertising to the music industry, films, fashion or sports. Over the past ten years, he has continuously developed his skills to become a specialist in the areas of design direction, character animation and CGI film production.”

Already among Sugar Blood’s clients are brands and big names such as Adidas, Gorillaz, Google, Apple, Peugeot, Ford, Rolls Royce, BBC, GSK, Kappa, Visa, Warner Music, Shell, UPS, History Channel or agencies...

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Advertising • UNMISTAKABLY TANQUERAY, defining gin since 1830 – we present you the spot for the classics by Director Nick REES c/o SEVERIN WENDELER on GoSee.NEWS

18.11.2021 • Charles Tanqueray came from a long line of clergymen in English Bedfordshire. In 1830, he established the distillery in London’s Bloomsbury district, which manufactured gin of high quality. And TANQUERAY was born. In 1898, the company merged with Gordon’s Gin to form Tanqueray Gordon & Co. Today, the brand belongs to the Diageo family.

Nick REES c/o SEVERIN WENDELER filmed the spot presented here for the gin which is popular worldwide.

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