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CELEBRITY ‘DUO’ – the new summer fragrance by ‘Young Royals’ stars Omar Rudberg and Edvin Ryding is out now – stills & motion by MIRA & THILDA c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO

18.07.2024 • Warm, fresh and sexy… Singer & actor Omar Rudberg joined forces with ‘Young Royals’ co-star Edvin Ryding to transform their friendship into the most sought-after fragrance of the summer. MIRA & THILDA c/o AGENT MOLLY & CO were in charge of directing and photographing the perfume campaign. DUO is the second perfume from OMR BEAUTY and a creation from the collaboration between the two stars of the NETFLIX series ‘Young Royals’. The fragrance is available in a limited edition exclusively on

Swedish beauty brand OMR BEAUTY was founded in 2023 by Omar Rudberg. With leading beauty experts and experienced perfumers, OMR BEAUTY creates finest quality vegan and gender-neutral products.

Talent: Omar Rudberg & Edvin Ryding
Directors / Stills: Mira & Thilda Berglind
DOP: Robin Trolin
1st Ac: Charlie Jansen
Gaffer: Olof Jonsson
Set Design: Rasmus Alexander Studios & Mira & Thilda Berglind
Editor: Alicia Lundahl
MUA: Linda Hallberg
Stylist: Evelina Bonardi
Colorist: Nikola Stanojevic & GANGSTERS
Rental: Studio Dagsljus @dagsljusgroup / My Soinak
Music: Bård Ericsson

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FASHION ‘It could only be…’ – BARBOUR Women’s Modern Heritage S/S ‘24, produced by LS PRODUCTIONS

18.07.2024 • Inspired by the Scottish roots of the company founder, the BARBOUR Modern Heritage collection stands for timeless elegance. In other words: traditional Barbour looks with a modern twist. The visuals for the BARBOUR Women’s Modern Heritage S/S ‘24 collection were produced by LS PRODUCTIONS for photographer Barry Craske.

Barbour, founded in 1894, is the brand name of products from the company J. Barbour & Sons, a manufacturer of weather-proof outerwear made of waxed cotton as well as quilted jackets, duffle coats, sweaters, shirts, footwear, and accessories for men, women, and children. Best known and extremely popular to this day are the company’s waxed jackets which are sold under the brand name Barbour.

Besides the manufacture of new clothing, the Barbour company also has a repair service for its waxed jackets, which are known to be extremely durable. Men’s magazine Esquire reported in 2019 that around 14,000 jackets in England are sent in for repair each year as well as a further 11,000 in North America and Asia. Customers want to wear their waxed jackets for a lifetime. Repair...

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ADVERTISING HETZNER PRODUKTION presents : ‘Sacred Journey’ for the Norwegian travel specialists from Db JOURNEY

16.07.2024 • Try to fit your life in a bag – and remember: it’s always 6 pm somewhere … – for Db JOURNEY, Andreas Nilsson c/o Superstudio shot this entertaining three-minute film on the fascinating subject of traveling. The film was produced by HETZNER PRODUKTION.

Behind the smarter travel gear from Db JOURNEY is DB Equipment AS from Oslo, which was founded in Norway in 2009 by legendary freeskier Jon Olsson and engineer Truls Brataas with the goal of redefining traveling gear – and by doing so, enabling more convenient journeys.

Db designs and sells backpacks, carry bags, luggage, and accessories for urbanites who love outdoor lifestyles as much as they do traveling. The company is a 6-time Gaselle award winner following its triple-digit growth and sustained profitability since the brand officially launched in 2012.

Db is a multiple ISPO design award winner, and Truls Brataas is a recipient of the International Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Db is independently owned and operated from its headquarters in Oslo, Norway where the company has 60 employees.

Director Andreas...

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FILM SVEN JACOBSEN films a reportage about skateboarders - for which the city becomes a playground and skateboarding a philosophy of life

16.07.2024 • Photographer and Director SVEN JACOBSEN filmed a reportage about skateboarders. With his keen eye for detail and dynamic, he has succeeded in capturing the very nature of skateboarding culture – letting the skaters tell their own story through authentic imagery. The reportage is not first and foremost about the skaters’ athletic abilities but instead more about their passion and the way of life skateboarding represents for them.

“For skateboarders, it is not a sport; it’s more of a path through life. I wanted to get to the bottom of what’s so fascinating about it,” Sven tells GoSee. He produced the project together with Mine Uludag.

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FILM ‘Enchanted Bonds’ – a personal project (stills & motion) by Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN

16.07.2024 • In search of life’s magic… Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN presents us her new project here on GoSee, for which she took care of everything from photographing and directing, to concept and copy.

Director: Sophie Schwarzenberger c/o JULIA WALDMANN
DOP: Sheldon Harris
Production: Shelter Productions GmbH
Photos & Copywriter: Sophie Schwarzenberger
Editor: Jonas Harmsen
Post Production: Studio Gessner
Sound Design: Richard Staub
Styling: Tanja Rose
Hair & Makeup: Kristin Røs
Models: Jesper @ Ixme, Tijen @ two management, Lina @ Modelwerk

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