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ILLUSTRATION XL flower installation for JOY BREEZE in China and window decorations for KADEWE in Berlin by illustrator Daniel Ramirez PEREZ c/o 2AGENTEN

16.03.2023 • With plenty of opulent splendor and eye-catching pastel colors, Daniel Ramirez PEREZ c/o 2AGENTEN created XL installations for JOY BREEZE in China. The gigantic Joy Breeze shopping center in Suzhou was opened in September 2021 and has attracted nearly 400 domestic and foreign premium brands, of which 40 % are first stores or flagship stores, and more than 50 % are lifestyle brands.

Daniel Ramirez PEREZ c/o 2AGENTEN was also commissioned by Berlin’s KADEWE to create window decorations.


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ILLUSTRATION Just out : An illustrated special edition of ‘The Swarm’ by Frank Schätzing with illustrations by Francesco BONGIORNI & Isabel SELIGER c/o SEPIA

15.03.2023 • The two illustrators Francesco BONGIORNI and Isabel SELIGER c/o SEPIA worked on the special edition of ‘The Swarm’ together with the author Frank Schätzing. The science-fiction thriller became a worldwide bestseller of which several million copies have been sold. At the beginning of February 2023, the special edition was published with an illustrated dust cover and five removable graphic prints (Kiepenheuer & Witsch).

Mutated worm colonies, poisoned water supplies, a mysterious luminescence in the depth of the ocean – humanity feels threatened. The kind of dystopian stuff that’s right up Isabel’s alley. Francesco consulted closely with Frank Schätzing on the book cover, who decided to turn the familiar motif into an underwater scene.

‘The Swarm’ is a masterpiece of thrilling literature, a classic of ecological fiction with an almost uncanny prophetic power, prompting the most important question of all: How do we plan on inhabiting this planet without destroying it and ourselves along with it?

German TV broadcaster ZDF is now showing the eight-part series based on the book, an...

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ILLUSTRATION BERLINALE TALENTS key motif, ADOBE campaign, THE PLACE ECONOMY book illustration by Leandro ALZATE c/o 2AGENTEN

14.03.2023 • Leandro ALZATE c/o 2AGENTEN designed the key visual this year with designer Miriam Jacobi for BERLINALE TALENTS, the program of the Berlin International Film Festival aimed at the promotion of talent.

Plus, we present a motif by illustrator Leandro ALZATE here on GoSee for the ADOBE campaign and a book illustration for THE PLACE ECONOMY in his unmistakable signature style.


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ILLUSTRATION COUCH POTATOES - enjoying food while playing, chilling and chatting - new cookbook with illustrations by Daniel Ramirez PEREZ c/o 2AGENTEN

13.03.2023 • Daniel Ramirez PEREZ c/o 2AGENTEN illustrated for the new cookbook COUCH POTATOES (publishing company: Elsa Publishing, design: Schmid/Widmaier).

The cookbook features 176 pages of quick and simple dishes and snacks that everybody – who is hungry, but actually busy doing something else – can easily whip up and then sit back, relax and enjoy. No other cookbook for young people has so many recipes, tips & tricks to show for. But the best part about it: You can eat it all comfortably without hardly any silverware while lying on the couch.


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