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Photographers • ‘Ready to Breath’ : work by Philipp RATHMER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for the 12th BFF Aufschlag event – ‘Future Perfect’

22.06.2021 • From 10 June through 10 July, 62 BFF photographers and filmmakers are presenting their perspective of the future in the gallery of the Messe Hamburg exhibition complex. The works are themed upon an existential question with a nod to what comes next : What will the future bring? From extremely real photos to fantasy worlds, from the present day to another time…The photographs and films are on display in the windows of the exhibition complex facing Karolinenstraße (showcases of Hall B7) – where they can be seen day and night, safe from Corona. Philipp RATHMER c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN presents the short film entitled ‘Ready to Breath’ – during the exhibition and here on GoSee. Further information on the event is available via BFF.

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Photographers • Hero film with emotional storytelling – IGOR PANITZ presents the E-Class Model 350 Coupé in cooperation with Mercedes-Benz

22.06.2021 • In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz, IGOR PANITZ (DOP) presents the E-Class Model 350 Coupé in a 25-second film – a hero film packed with emotional storytelling. Finest lighting – also in the area of moving images – is the trademark with which Igor Panitz has skillfully made a name for himself all over the world as a transportation photographer.

It’s hardly surprising that renowned manufacturers also rely on the light and studio competence of the Stuttgarter when it comes to moving images. In his Stuttgart-based Traffic-Studio, just a few minutes away from the trade fair and airport, manufacturers and clients alike find the perfect conditions for their high-end productions. The clip was realized by a competence team which has already delivered material for award-wining campaigns in a similar constellation.

Igor Panitz (DOP)
Eddi Films (Editing)
Oliver Panitz and Markus Weber (Light rig, assistant)
Traffic-Studio Stuttgart (Location)

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Photographers • PETRA OBERMUELLER presents the feminine TR Spring/Summer 2021 ready-to-wear collection in moving images and offers her clients fashion photography and film from a single source

22.06.2021 • The fashion photographer, based in Hamburg, offers fashion shoots and accompanying films in a one-stop shop – whether in her studio or on location. Thanks to a high level of expertise accumulated over many years, she is precisely in tune with the needs of her clients. Summer feeling despite bad weather? Not a problem for Petra Obermueller, which she demonstrates for us here with a new production for RABE FASHION.

The fashion photographer realized the Spring / Summer 2021 collection from RABE FASHION in a fresh light atmosphere. The TR S/S 2021 collection is marked by a keen sense for zeitgeist. All styles are light and ready-to-wear. Feminine and sporty flair fuse in a continuous flow – all captured in relaxed images.

Further works and fashion movies by Petra Obermueller are available on her website and on GoSee.

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Photographers • ‘BURNING MAN’ – the new spot by creative duo ANNTHEO for you on GoSee.NEWS

19.06.2021 • The duo ANNTHEO is demonstrating once again with their new film ‘Burning Man’ that the sky is the only limit to their creative bandwidth – a visually stunning 55 seconds full of emotion, passion and velocity with Sebastian Gäbel in lead role. The song was contributed by Grammy-nominated artist ensemble The String Theory, who toured with no less than José González.

The String Theory, founded in 2006, is an international artist collective, which offers composers, artists, musicians and visual artists from different countries a creative, joint-venture production platform.

Anntheo is the mutual liftoff of the two seasoned photographers – Markus Mueller and Michael Nager – as a creative director team into a new dimension of their visual world. Anntheo tells stories with film and photos.

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Photographers • ‘Hidden’ - Lila Poter c/o ICONIC in CONTRIBUTOR MAGAZINE, photographed by PETRA FISCHER

16.06.2021 • Petra FISCHER staged a fashion and accessories spread with Lila Poter c/o ICONIC for CONTRIBUTOR MAGAZINE. Styling was taken care of by Julia Atitié c/o LIGAWEST.

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