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Photographers • ANDREAS ORTNER : STYLEBOP November ‘20 campaign, FENDI X DOLCE VITA mag featuring German top model Kim Riekenberg, FREEPEOPLE November Book, WINDSOR S/S ‘21 campaign and HIGHSNOBIETY x STYLEBOP coop

02.12.2020 • ANDREAS ORTNER photographed once again for the November 2020 campaign of luxury online department store STYLEBOP. The location this time around was on the rooftop of the Berlin Postbank high-rise building, which is located on Halleschen Ufer 40-60 at the corner of Großbeerenstraße in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. It has 23 floors at a height of 89 meters, making it still one of the tallest buildings in Berlin to this day. Styling: Elke Dostal, hair & make-up: Denise Grundmann. GoSee :

ANDREAS ORTNER XY photographed German top model Kim ‘Sports Illustrated Rookie 2020’ Riekenberg in Prague for the FENDI X DOLCE VITA magazine special. The design magazine is known for its sensational fashion editorials and is skilled in elegantly combining design and architecture from all over the world. The captivating looks of the spread were styled by JANA KAPOUNOVA, with art direction and production also in the hands of Andreas. The magazine has been available in stores since 20 November with 204 pages full of news not only from the world of design, fashion and architecture.

Top model...

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Photographers • ANATOL GOTTFRIED photographs the AUDI A3 Sportback for DDB Spain in Barcelona and explores the Atlantic coast in Portugal together with The Peak Surf House

02.12.2020 • Anatol loves the elements, just as much as he loves contrasts and lives for fragments. In his new project, which captures the dynamic and young character of the newest AUDI A3 Sportback, he staged the vehicle in a fresh urban environment.

The selection of authentic models underscores the idea. The job, commissioned by DDB Spain, took place in sun-drenched Barcelona, where the team produced six key visuals plus a total of fourteen side shots. Art direction was in the hands of Alberto Planelles, and it was produced by Dany Vives Jenny from Beeline Production, with perfect styling by Vanesa Rem and hair & make-up that didn’t budge one bit by Salonica.

The last sun rays of October were captured by Anatol on the picturesque coast of Portugal, and he presents us these lively photos produced for The Peak Surf House. They tell the story of that incredibly suspenseful moment when you’re waiting in the water for the next wave. Striking the perfect poses for the camera, among others, was sport model and surf talent Babette de Koning.

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Photographers • Actress Sina Tkotsch in a portrait by Puria Safary c/o Avenger Photographers

02.12.2020 • Actress Sina Tkotsch visited with Puria SAFARY c/o AVENGER PHOTOGRAPHERS. The result is a photo series entitled ‘Safary’s Frame’. Among Sina Tkotsch’s most successful projects is the multiple award-winning film ‘Beautiful Bitch’, in which she plays a spoiled girl who becomes friends with petty criminal Bica. In ‘Jungle Child’, she played at the side of Thomas Kretschmann and Nadja Uhl, and was nominated for the Goldene Henne in 2011 as ‘Emerging Female Talent of the Year’.

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Photographers • PASCALE WEBER : #TastyRevolution – Swiss start-up PLANTED FOOD presents plant-based meat plus Smirnoff Seltzer for Diageo

02.12.2020 • “Our Solution: the Tasty Revolution. Many of us love the taste of meat – but no longer at all costs. Awareness of the necessity to protect our environment and animals is strongly increasing and with it the demand for alternatives to animal proteins. We’re taking advantage of these times of transition and have started a movement: the #TastyRevolution.”

The first completely transparent meat production! The start-up PLANTED FOOD produces delicious plant-based meat. “Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of photographing the new CI together with Planted and its agency Foundry. The website is now online, and I am delighted to show you the new look,” says PASCALE WEBER.

Planted, a spin-off of ETH Zurich, has developed a plant-based chicken for the market which is made from pea protein, pea fibers, rapeseed oil, and water, and can be mistaken for real chicken when it comes to taste and consistency. The agency Foundry is supporting the product launch in retail trade shops with CI, positioning, packaging and further measures.

PASCALE WEBER had the honor of capturing the new beverage from...

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