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CGI RECOM : FULL CGI for AXOR ‘Make It Yours!’ and the Ushi Tamborriello bathroom ‘Gretel & Hänsel’ – a magical place and the quiet of the Black Forest

28.08.2023 • With ‘Gretel and Hänsel’, Swiss-based interior architect Ushi Tamborriello and her team present a bathroom of understated luxury in which folkloric references tell their own stories of wonder. Set in Germany’s Black Forest, the 15sqm concept is Tamborriello’s personal response to the AXOR ‘Make It Yours!’ campaign, and is a stunning example of the interplay between narrative and space.

RECOM had the pleasure of realizing this project via full-CGI, which included creating 3D models of the bathroom architecture along with AXOR products and all props (e.g. towels, flacons, toothbrushes, cups, scented candles, pine cones, razors, little bowls, etc.) plus all water simulations. It was all combined for the final look in numerous visuals in creative retouch.

“AXOR’s products revolve around the concepts of individuality, personalization, and ultimately, the personality of the user,” Tamborriello tells AXOR. “It quickly became clear to us that we could best approach an ‘invented individuality’ through scenography. With this realization, worlds opened up and one narrative motif followed the...

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POST ALPINE A290 β, the first fully-fledged electric showcar from the ‘Dream Garage’ of ALPINE - a global campaign with animations by JUICE c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL

07.08.2023 • The global campaign for the ALPINE A290 β by Havas Worldwide Paris is chock full of VFX and holographic typography animations by JUICE c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL. Plus, F1 racers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon battle it out in an intense a wheel-to-wheel race. Trust us, it’s a must-watch!

The ALPINE A290_β takes the electric car experience to an entirely new level – propeling the agile sports car into a battery-electric future while giving the ALPINE brand a new lifestyle character all in one.

Agency: Havas Worldwide Paris
Director: Alberto Blanco
Production: QUAD Productions / QUAD GROUP
Producers: Martin Revol, Nataly Aveillan
Post Production: JUICE c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL


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POST RETOUCHED-STUDIOS : Post production for the emotion-packed CHRIST JEWELRY campaign on the topic of ‘Diversity’ for Zum Goldenen Hirschen

18.07.2023 • RETOUCHED-STUDIOS took care of post for the latest CHRIST JEWELRY campaign (photos: Cem Guenes c/o Any Day), conceived by Zum Goldenen Hirschen.

This year, the renowned jeweler is celebrating its 160th anniversary, and in parallel, the attitude campaign ‘Jewelry Is a Feeling’ kicked off which is being continued with motifs themed upon diversity. Zum Goldenen Hirschen accompanied CHRIST through the reorientation, which celebrates the diversity and individuality of jewelry and people. Instead of exclusive status symbols, the products become an expression of a very individual awareness of life and the embodiment of special experiences. For 160 years, CHRIST has been selling jewelry. 160 years, during which a lot has changed. The latest campaigns reflect the colorful and diverse world we live in today.

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POST Icelandic Taste! HLEÐSLA protein drink campaign with retouch by THE KLUBHOUSE

10.07.2023 • THE KLUBHOUSE was in charge of retouch for the Icelandic brand HLEÐSLA (photographer: Rúnar Ingi). Hleðsla is a popular chocolate-flavored protein drink. Each package contains high-quality whey protein from Fresh Icelandic milk. Hleðsla is the perfect choice for after a workout or between meals. Our goal is to share delicacies from Iceland with people all over the world.

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