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POST Step Up Your Portfolio Game with Our Latest Free Test Image Set from L.A.’ MAGROUND offers a professional free backplate & 360-degree HDR image set to download

28.03.2023 • Are you a 3D artist, creative, or automotive designer looking for new resources to expand your portfolio? Look no further! MAGROUND now offers a new free backplate and HDR dome pack for you to download. This package includes a location image set from L.A. with eight 100MP medium-format backplates and the corresponding 500MP, 32-bit HDR-dome exr.-file. That means you can use high-quality images as a background for your 3D renders and a matching HDR dome to light your scene. It will give your renders a realistic and professional look. The HDR dome can be used as a virtual environment for animations, car configurators, and real-time applications.

“Take a look at the quality of the images and see how they can enhance your work. Once you have used the assets in your portfolio projects, please link and tag us, and don’t forget to send us your rendering results. We will be publishing and linking the best renders and animations on our social channels and in our newsletter, too. This is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and get your work seen by a broad professional...

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POST HARLEM - the new and second season of the successful series with creative retouch by STANLEY’S POST LTD for Prime Video & Amazon Studios

02.03.2023 • In HARLEM, four stylish best girlfriends struggle with the ups and downs, trials and tribulations of city life in Harlem NYC, the melting pot of Black culture. STANLEY’S POST was responsible for creative retouch of the key motifs used by Prime Video & Amazon Studios to advertise the dramedy series. Brought to us by exec producer Amy Poehler, the series also critically deals with social issues such as racism and gentrification neatly interwoven with funny and emotional scenes.


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POST ‘That’s what I call tasty vegan’ - the new KATJES campaign relies on post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

27.02.2023 • Janine Sametzky photographed the ‘That’s what I call tasty vegan’ campaign presented here on GoSee for the global player KATJES. Katjes Fassin GmbH & Co. KG is a confectionary company from Emmerich on the Rhine, which mainly manufactures licorice and fruit gums.

The executive agency was antoni, and post production was in the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Advertised on a meadow with an alpaca and a perky protagonist is the latest product innovation ‘Peace & Love’ fruit gums from Katjes. Idea and realization of the campaign came from Antoni Jellyhouse. The special unit of the Berlin-based agency group Antoni was founded in 2018 exclusively for Katjes.

The success story of Katjes began in Sicily in the year 1910. The family company – which is owned 90% by Bastian Fassin and 10% by Tobias Bachmüller – has since grown to become one of the three largest companies in the German confectionary market. Katjes only sells products that are vegan and vegetarian. Since 1988, Katjes is the first confectionary company to not use artificial colors of any kind. They have been replaced by fruit...

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POST PATRICK SALONEN : Post production and CGI for aerial & image shots of WALO BERTSCHINGER AG

20.02.2023 • For WALO BERTSCHINGER AG, among the industry leaders in the Swiss construction business with more than 2000 employees, PATRICK SALONEN had the pleasure of post-producing the image photos. The project was photographed in and around Switzerland by MICHEL JAUSSI, known as a specialist for high-quality aerial photography.

Post production included defining a color look, composing several image parts, retouch work of all kinds but also, for example, augmenting an image with a passenger plane using CGI, a service Patrick has been offering in-house for many years.


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14.02.2023 • DEJAN & PER c/o SEVERIN WENDELER staged a TESLA CYBERTRUCK aided by a FULL CGI environment and photos. The TESLA CYBERTRUCK is a battery-electric, light-duty utility vehicle built by American manufacturer TESLA with the body of a pickup truck.

The Cybertruck is built with an outer shell made for maximum durability and passenger protection. Starting with a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton, every component is designed for superior strength and endurance, from ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armor glass.


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