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POST WAGNERCHIC : Nights at the Museum – photographer Max Leitner photographs between the historic cars and unique architecture of the Porsche Museum

27.11.2020 • During the lockdown in April, photographer Max Leitner got the chance to have a blast at the Porsche Museum for one night. He received an access card, a short introduction to how the building works and then a free pass to shoot one whole night. The motifs were finalized by Manuel Wagner from WAGNERCHIC Postproduction & Retouching. Balancing out the right exposures and the rather understated look of the imagery provided the perfect visual stage for the historic vehicles, creating a clear contrast between the light, cars and the unique architecture of the museum.

The result is a varied photo spread for which the creatives had total creative freedom. The production was supported by Benjamin Marjanac, Marketing Specialist at Porsche AG. You can watch the behind-the-scenes video for the project here :

The Porsche Museum has been presenting automotive history all about ‘Fascination Porsche’ in an incomparable manner ever since 2009. The impressive piece of architecture is located in the heart of the company’s home city of Zuffenhausen. Be...

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CGI RECOM : FULL CGI short film ‘Low Earth Orbit’ – teaser, storyboard and making-of motifs on GoSee

24.11.2020 • Now more than ever, we’re seeing an increasing demand for CGI productions. RECOM used the past months to expand its expertise in the area of CGI in films. The result is a FULL CGI short film entitled ‘Low Earth Orbit’ as a self-promotion, which Recom presents us here on GoSee as a teaser including making-of material. The complete project with a music score by Ólafur Arnalds is available directly via RECOM.

“Like so many complex productions, this was a simple idea – to make a short film in FULL CGI as a showcase. To push some boundaries and possibilities in our work. And also to have some fun at the same time. Our inspiration? Of course, we wanted to work with a car… but in a modern visual language evolving around the dynamism developing in electric cars. Images of power and light, of a clean and positive future, more attuned to the environment without losing any of its visceral impact as an object of desire. What contemporary pioneers would inspire us, visually and conceptually? A character to be the center of gravity for our story. We settled on a man with a dream to be the first...

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