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POST Any resolutions for 2024 ? - STANLEY’S POST LTD post-produces the campaign for health & life insurer VITALITY

19.12.2023 • The VITALITY campaign was designed by VCCP x Snap LDN and photographed by Dan Burn-Forti. On the job for post production once again was STANLEY’S POST.

“For the ‘Moving Forward with Vitality’ campaign, we constructed three complex images centered on Stanley – Vitality’s brand mascot. Our main focus was on creating a sense of joy & adventure exuding from the four-legged friend, while crafting our own beautiful skies and foregrounds to complement the shots.” STANLEY’S POST.

Center stage in the campaign for health and life insurer Vitality is its popular mascot, the dachshund Stanley – and not his owner. Unlike previous campaigns, Stanley is far from reluctant to exercise; instead, we see him running, jumping, swimming and sliding through life now – enjoying to the fullest his new healthier lifestyle.

Headquartered in the UK, Vitality provides private health insurance and life insurance to customers in the UK. It has a member base of around 1.7 million (June 2023 figures). The company is a subsidiary of Discovery Limited, a South Africa-based financial services group listed on the...

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POST ‘Get Out There!’ is the title of the EASYJET Summer ‘23 campaign - with post by STANLEY’S POST

19.12.2023 • ‘Get Out There’ was developed by VCCP for EASY JET for the summer of ‘23 in a pan-European campaign. The underlying idea : we all, yes all of us, really need a vacation – and that goes just as much for superstars the likes of Mona Lisa.

The motifs were photographed by William Green, with post production in the skilled hands of STANLEY’S POST.

“For easyJet’s summer campaign, the client wanted to visualize what it would be like to take a series of world famous renaissance paintings/sculptures and have them travel across the world – to golden beaches, gorgeous cities and continental landscapes.” STANLEY’S POST.

The British airline easyJet, founded in 1995 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, whose deceased father owned the Greek shipping company Stelios, is the second-largest European low-cost airline after Irish airline Ryanair.

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POST SERGE LUTENS by Betina Du Toit – with post by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

13.12.2023 • Foundation, Mascara, Concealer, Lipstick … Looks a lot like you can buy happiness after all. The multitalented SERGE LUTENS is synonymous with imagination, beauty, individuality, … lived & breathed to the fullest in fashion, fragrances, and naturally, makeup.

For SERGE LUTENS, director Betina DU TOIT c/o LGA MGMT shot the spot presented here. Post production was in the hands of ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

On his website, we read how Serge Lutens got into the makeup business :
In 1967, Christian Dior, who was preparing to launch its makeup line, called upon him. For the House of Dior, he would create colors, styles and images. Finally, his vision was unified through photography. In the early 1970s, the famous Editor-in-Chief of US Vogue, Diana Vreeland, was unstinting in her enthusiasm : “Serge Lutens, Revolution of Makeup!” His success was resounding. Serge Lutens became the symbol of the very freedom created through makeup, for an entire new generation. In 1974, mirroring his taste for films and the legendary actresses in them, he made a short with the title ‘Les Stars.’ During this...

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POST Director Immo Fuchs shoots 10-sec. film for PANDORA – editing and post production by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN

13.12.2023 • Danish costume jewelry company PANDORA was founded in 1982 in Copenhagen by goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his wife Winnie.

The 10-sec film presented here was shot by Immo Fuchs, and on the job for editing and post were the beauty specialists from ONE HUNDRED BERLIN. Creative responsibility was in the hands of the agency Nut + Bolt.

Pandora products are available in more than 100 countries today. In 2018, 13,200 of the around 24,030 employees worldwide worked at the company’s factory in Thailand. Of utmost importance to Pandora is the sustainability of their jewelry : To this end, the complete range will be produced solely with recycled precious metals by 2025

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Immo Fuchs @ Anyday MGMT
LIGHT: Maximilian Mouson
DOP: Boy Behnke
1ST AC: Nino Halm
STYLING: Camille Franke & Antonio Chiocca
MAKEUP: Andrea Young
PRODUCER: Kristina Tulinius
PRODUCTION: Jonas Stenzel
Editing and Post Production: One Hundred Berlin

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POST #TALKABOUTIT - RETOUCHED STUDIOS with post production for the 'I’m against it!' campaign on the General Equal Treatment Act of the Federal Republic of Germany

12.12.2023 • The German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency has launched an educational campaign on the topic of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), focused mainly on working life and day-to-day business. Because : Discrimination is not only unfair, it’s also prohibited by law.

Katrin Leisch photographed the campaign with post production by RETOUCHED STUDIOS.

It is alarming that only 34 percent of the German population are aware of the legal situation, according to a study, and have heard of the Equal Treatment Act. The purpose of the Anti-Discrimination Agency’s educational campaign across Germany with videos and posters is to inform more people about their rights with regard to discrimination at the workplace, at the club, when looking for an apartment or employment.

“In Germany, we are against discrimination – which is why we have an Equal Treatment Act. Particularly in times in which hostility is on the rise, it is more important than ever to know legal ways to defend oneself against discrimination as well as how not to. The law only applies to working life and day-to-day business…” says...

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