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Shop • GoSee loves … Paris Gallery Chenel presents the new book by Henrik PURIENNE ‘TASJAKI’, appearing as a sexy limited edition by IDEA BOOKS, with an exhibition and book signing

23.09.2021 • The new book by fashion photographer PURIENNE and his muse Natasja Madsen is out – as a one-time limited edition of 1.500 copies (30 x 22cm. 224 pages), appearing at IDEA BOOKS: “The new Purienne book is TASJAKI. The most positively sexy, positive sex book ever. Natasja Madsen is Tasjaki. The world is hers and Purienne’s. As photographer and model, they make commercial images for brands, recreating their blissful, beautiful lifestyle. TASJAKI is not a commercial. This book is their reality. This is a documentary! The best Purienne book yet. We wrote about the book here. Please read before buying. This is a very positively sexy book!”

IDEA BOOKS is also celebrating Purienne as a master of the double spread. “The entire book is sequenced to perfection. It contains several nudes. There are several still lifes and landscapes. They all share the same love and the same light and the same love of light…”

For the release, Paris Gallery Chenel is showing ‘Purienne / Tasjaki’, the first exhibition by the photographer from 24 September through 30 October (3 quai Voltaire, 75007 Paris)...

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Shop • ZENKER – the book by photographers Yana Wernicke and Jonas Feige retrace the life of German gardener and botanist Georg August Zenker in Cameroon

20.09.2021 • In 1889, Georg August Zenker, a gardener and botanist from Leipzig, took charge of the Jaunde research station in the German colony of Cameroon. Following a six-year tenure, Zenker was surprisingly relieved of his duties. He was said to be leading a polygamous life at the station with several African women, some of whom had given birth to his children. We read on Wikipedia : “Far away from European controlling structures, Zenker established a network of personal relationships based on polygyny from which five children were born over the course of the following years. In November 1891, Max-Felix Zenker was born, whose mother was Embolo, the daughter of Chief Tschungi Mballa Ngono. A woman from Dahomé gave birth to Curt Julius and Hans Zenker. His third wife during this time was Ngoso, the daughter of Esono Ela’s brother, Onambele Ela.”

Zenker left the country only to return soon afterwards as a private citizen. He settled with his family (a woman from Dahomé and five children) deep in the Cameroon jungle in Bipindi where he built Bipindihof, a German colonial-style house as well as...

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Shop • ‘An Afternoon With Mariama’ – personal work by photographer Janine Graubaum

20.09.2021 • Together with model Mariama, Janine Graubaum spent an afternoon in a location steeped in tradition. Created at Funkhaus Berlin, where once the radio programs of East Germany were produced, and international artists such as Sting or the Black Eyed Peas recorded their albums, were photos full of atmosphere. Janine Graubaum : “All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon with plenty of wonderful conversations, great light, an entirely relaxed and laid-back Mariama. And the result : beautiful photos.” Janine Graubaum is represented by CLAUDIA BITZER. GoSee :

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Shop • Personal work by photographer Eileen Jordan – hair & make-up by Hanna HAMATA c/o lesARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

16.09.2021 • Hanna HAMATA c/o lesARTISTS by Josef Stockinger – formerly Hanna Huenlich – is a Munich-based hair & make-up artist known for her skillful versatility in creating just what her clients are looking for. She has a talent for fashioning highly innovative and creative looks with an effortless natural beauty.

Before Hanna began working as a freelance hair & make-up artist for the fashion, commercial and entertainment industries, she graduated from Toni&Guy Hairdressing Academy. She perfected her cutting and coloring skills and focused on color techniques, most notably blonde. She began assisting numerous well-known professional hair & make-up artists, and from then on, it was only a matter of time before Hanna started rapidly compiling her own reputable list of clients.

For three years, Hanna has been leading the hair & make-up department of Germany’s next Topmodel by Heidi Klum. She has had the pleasure of working alongside several well-known photographers such as Rankin, Russell James, Robert Erdmann, Kristian Schuller… just to name a few. The series gave her the opportunity to...

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Shop • THOM PFISTER – SWISS GRAPHIC DESIGN celebrates the work of creative directors & curators on 500 pages and presents the wonderful versatility and creative power of the designer (Sturm & Drang Publishing)

15.09.2021 • Thom Pfister is currently one of the most creative graphic designers in Europe. His works are of incredible beauty, cleverly staged and always with a reference to the world of art or fashion. International brands seek the signature of the Swiss designer,” VOGUE describes the Creative Director. He has been successful in branding and advertising for well-known brands for over 25 years, has helped to coin the term Swiss Graphic Design, has brought cultural workers together and inspired them to create new works. And now a book has been published with his most exciting work.

In a personal selection, the book SWISS GRAPHIC DESIGN is dedicated to the works that emerged from these encounters between photography, illustration and art. It shows the legendary style of the designer, in constant engagement with fashion and art, in a memorable way. The book is available directly from publishing house Sturm & Drang.

Here is an excerpt : “His works are the product of honesty and a concentrated narrative force. At times direct and forceful, at others subtle and delicate. Always with a nuanced...

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