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18.03.2020 • Bigoudi, HMS agency based in Hamburg, is delighted to welcome renowned NEW entry Omer ASAF. Omer Asaf is a professional make-up artist and hair stylist from Tel Aviv, Israel, with 16 years of professional experience in the fashion and TV industries. He began his career working in a number of fashion shoots and has since made a name for himself in fashion- and beauty-oriented TV commercials. Among his clients are several of Israel’s top cosmetics and hair brands. In 2006, Omer worked on several TV series, designing and supervising the style and look of characters.

In 2008, Omer moved on to become Creative Director at Careline Cosmetics and Creative Director for hair at Natural Formula where he now develops new products and is in charge of brand visibility across all marketing and advertising platforms.​ Since 2016, Omer Asaf has been at home in both Stuttgart and Israel and works all over the world.

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TRANSPORTATION Hear it, See it, Feel it - Mert Dürümoglu stages the MERCEDES-BENZ A Class, with visagist Katharina HANDEL c/o BASICS.BERLIN at his side

03.03.2020 • The film for the MERCEDES-BENZ A Class models was supported by visagist Katharina HANDEL c/o BASICS.BERLIN as hair & make-up artist. Mercedes-Benz presents the #Mbvideocar series: In this project, creatives get the chance to realize their own ideas, in this case, Mert Dürümoglu.

Mercedes-Benz supports production of the episodes both financially and by providing vehicles. The artists however get to choose the models, the locations, and the way they’d like to stage them. The result of which are unique episodes published regularly on the official social media channels of Mercedes-Benz, such as YouTube and Facebook. If you too have an idea for a video, then send your application to

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TRANSPORTATION PRINZ PRODUCTIONS produces the SABIC ‘CHEMISTRY THAT MATTERS’ campaign in South Africa with photographer Joey Lawrence and McCANN Enterprise, London

02.03.2020 • PRINZ PRODUCTIONS presents the campaign entitled ‘Chemistry that Matters’ here on GoSee, produced for SABIC on the topics of urbanization, food, sustainability & energy efficiency. The Saudi Basic Industries Corporation is a Saudi-Arabian chemistry and metal company and is among the leading metal manufacturers in the Middle East.

The motifs were photographed by Joey Lawrence, Creative Director was Paula Amaral, and Art Director was David Boynes from McCANN Enterprise in London. Production was in the hands of Julie Hughes and Patricia McMahon.

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TRANSPORTATION Completely looney road movie & a rock'n roll family - the Audi RS4 Avant & Audi RS6 Avant with Anke Luckmann, produced by FALCA for Philipp und Keuntje in Valencia and Almería

25.02.2020 • GoSee member ANKE LUCKMANN realized two productions with a bright red Audi RS4 Avant and an Audi RS6 Avant in elegant matte gray together with FALCA. Instead of run-of-the-mill car shoots, the team realized a marvelously colorful road movie and had a rock'n roll family in front of the camera for the production. A must-see!

“Time for a bit of rock & roll, romance, marriage and the inevitable divorce (not pictured!) – even more images from the Audi Avant campaign we produced last summer ...” FALCA tells us. Also on the team were Senior Art Director Cesrin Schneider, Art Buyer Karen Schwarzer, H&M Artist Katharina Nitzpon, and Stylist Stephanie Wuestemann. Post Production: Zerone Group).

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TRANSPORTATION IMAGE NATION S.L. produces for the PORSCHE GTS CAYMAN & BOXSTER with photographer Thomas Strogalski against the magnificent natural backdrop of the Col de Turini Pass in the French Maritime Alps for Keko Agency

24.02.2020 • Two vehicles. Two drivers. One goal: Col de Turini, the legendary pass. Lots of bends, several unforgettable driving moments. The perfect place for sports car fascination. The butterflies begin. The anticipation rises. As does the pulse.

IMAGE NATION supported the production with photographer Thomas Strogalski for Keko Agency: “It’s always a challenge to produce a campaign for Porsche, and this time, we got to spend several days in wonderful spaces. The Col de Turini in France is the ideal natural location to present the new Porsche GTS Cayman and Boxster models. Thomas Strogalski did a great job with Keko Agency.”

We are Image Nation Barcelona. A German/Spanish Producer, a French Producer and a New Zealand Producer offering production services in South Europe. Upon request, we go international. Based in the land of ham, garlic, olive oil and sun, we bring to you French savoir faire, German reliability, Mediterranean flair, British resolve, and Kiwi ingenuity.

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