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Advertising • CREDIT SUISSE entrepreneur campaign with photos by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS for thjnk Suisse

17.02.2020 • The new CREDIT SUISSE campaign by thjnk Switzerland, photographed by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS (styling: Werner Baumgartner), is an ode to visionaries and hard-working entrepreneurs. They don’t ask ‘Why?’, They ask ‘Why not?’ And precisely this confident statement becomes the connective element of the campaign.

Responsible at Thjnk Zürich are Alexander Jaggy (MD Creation), Samuel Wicki, Torben Otten, Georg Baur (Creative Direction), Lukas Amgwerd (Text), Lukas Frischknecht, Leandro Disler (Art Direction), Calvin Kröhne (Digital Direction), Andrea Bison (MD Consulting), Angela Cristofari (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (MD Strategy).

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Advertising • FERM LIVING Spring/Summer 2020 Collection - photographed by interior specialist Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS

17.02.2020 • “In this S/S ‘20 collection, earthy tones and organic shapes meet sculptural lines; solid, robust forms are merged with soft, natural fittings while we continue to focus on honest materials that are no more, and no less, than what they appear to be,” FERM LIVING on the new collection, once again staged by Heidi LERKENFELDT c/o STILLSTARS.

“At ferm LIVING, we want to create products that help you to build a home that’s authentically and comfortably you. A home that encompasses all the delights and contradictions of living in a modern world. As that world becomes busier and louder, we find ourselves looking increasingly inwards – for calm, focus and our true sense of home.”

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Advertising • Seaside Finolhu Resort - the luxurious dream destination on the Maledives photographed by JOCHEN ARNDT c/o STILLSTARS

17.02.2020 • This prestigious island resort is nestled in the Baa Atoll Nature Reserve on the Maldives and can only be reached by boat or seaplane. Finolhu greets its guests in Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, offering the ultimate island experience. The rooms are located by the sea, in the lagoon or on the beach. JOCHEN ARNDT c/o STILLSTARS photographed the Seaside Finolhu Resort for a campaign and social media.

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Advertising • BYNACHT HYPERCHARGED GLASS SKIN SERUM - the nightly dose of beauty sleep with stills by Bernd WESTPHAL c/o STILLSTARS

17.02.2020 • Moisturizing oils and precious balms from BYNACHT consist of active ingredients found directly in nature and take advantage of nightly regeneration processes to unfold their effects. Bernd WESTPHAL c/o STILLSTARS visually staged the sleep-promoting aroma therapy of founder Jessica Hoyer (client: BYNACHT GmbH, AD: Isabell Gesenhues, CD: Helge Blöck).

‘Bernds by Night’ – the HYPERCHARGED GLASS SKIN SERUM shoot is another prime example of how his mastery of conception and still life can perfectly translate into moving images.’

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Advertising • ‘Easier Every Day – the Cookbook’ : eat intelligently, intuitively and individually while losing weight – photos by Becca Crawford c/o Nina Rautenberg

16.02.2020 • The secret sauce of successful modern superwomen: They take their fortune into their own hands, say no to packaged fattening foods, to diets and, instead, cook themselves. ‘Easier Every Day – the Cookbook’ by successful expert duo Prof. Dr. Marion Kiechle together with beauty and health journalist Julie Gorkow helps every woman achieve their individual desired weight with recipes suitable for every day. BECCA CRAWFORD c/o NINA RAUTENBERG shot the recipe photos with foodstyling by MAX FABER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG.

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