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‘It’s who you travel with’ - LOT POLISH AIRLINES campaign by Director SIMON PAWLIK c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL for GREY Group Poland



Latest campaign directed by Simon Pawlik for LOT Polish Airlines. Agency: Grey PH: Film Produkcja Director: Simon Pawlik DOP: Maciek Ryter Edit: Kuba Tomaszewicz Production design: Jeremi Brodnicki Costumes: Zofia Komasa Postproduction & sound design: Lunapark

Director: Simon Pavlik c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL
Client: LOT
Advertising Agency: Grey

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With the new campaign, LOT Polish Airlines demonstrates that flying is not necessarily only about traveling from A to B. The brand makes quite clear that who you are traveling with is just as important. We present you the commercial by director Simon PAWLIK c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL here on GoSee.

It was directed by Simon PAWLIK c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL, and responsible for production was Film Produkcja. The commercial shows how the PLL LOT brand is experienced across generations, symbolized by the increasing number of button badges from travels adorning a backpack which is passed down from generation to generation. The spot underscores the fact that LOT Polish Airlines is a true companion when it comes to making travel dreams come true, providing passengers with what is most important on their journey : comfort and safety.

Flying comes from a passion for experiencing the world and an openness to explore other cultures and meet new people. Which is why, when we created the communication platform for LOT Polish Airlines, we wanted to tell the story of this very passion in an interesting and modern way. It was a huge production challenge – from logistics to our exciting creative choices. The final form of the campaign reflects the combined efforts of many, including the extremely talented director Szymon Pawlik, whose keen eye for framing and excellent sense of tone contributed to the creation of a campaign bespoke to the unique global brand that is LOT Polish Airlines. This makes me proud that each and every element here is top-notch – from the music, through shooting, to the acting and final editing,” Jakub Korolczuk, Creative Director, GREY Group Poland.

Agency: Grey
Production House: Film Produkcja
Director: Simon Pawlik
DOP: Maciek Ryter
Editor: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Production Design: Jeremi Brodnicki
Costumes: Zofia Komasa
Post Production & Sound Design: Lunapark
Director: Simon Pavlik c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL

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