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‘Polar Verity – Measure Every Move’ commercial for the heart rate specialists from POLAR GLOBAL – directed by Sami JOENSUU c/o SEVERIN WENDELER


SEVERIN WENDELER: "Polar Verity - Measure Every Move Commercial" Directed by Sami Joensuu c/o Severin Wendeler

Director: Sami Joensuu c/o Severin Wendeler
Client: Polar Global
Production: Kameron
Advertising Agency: Mirum
Producer: Juho Harjula
Editing: Tommi Hietaniemi & Joni Aapaoja
Post Production: Post Control
Styling: Paula Jaako
COLORIST: Timo Luomanen / Post Control

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Come back stronger … – Sami JOENSUU directed the spot presented here for POLAR. Polar Electro Oy is a Finnish company headquartered in Kempele near the city of Oulu. It is among the leading manufacturers of wireless heart rate monitors and accessories. The company became known the world over because of its sport watches with heart rate monitoring function. 1200 employees work in 26 subsidiaries worldwide, and the distribution network spans 80 countries.

The company was founded in 1977 by Seppo Säynäjäkangas, who worked on a device to monitor the heart rate at the University of Oulu. He drew inspiration from a conversation he once had with a coach while cross-country skiing in 1976. They spoke of the necessity to develop a monitoring device which could not only be used for stationary exercise but also be worn on the body. In the 1970s, the heart rate was measured on a finger, which restricted movement considerably. Today, Polar manufactures products for consumers as well as for B2B clients.

GoSee : polar.comswundco.com/sami_joensuu

Client: Polar Global
Agency: Mirum
Production Company: Kameron
Director: Sami Joensuu
Producer: Juho Harjula
Cinematographer: Jukka Moisio
Styling: Paula Jaako
Editor: Tommi Hietaniemi & Joni Aapaoja
Colorist: Timo Luomanen / Post Control
Sound Design: Tuomas Soppela
Post Production: Post Control
Breakdancer: Hatsolo

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