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03.02.2022  •  Advertising NEWS


Feeling of Beauty – Robert Fellner directs the spot for diamond start-up VEYNOU, hair & make-up by Tobias BINDERBERGER c/o BIGOUDI


BIGOUDI Tobias Binderberger für Veynou

Director: Robert Fellner
Client: Veynou
Hair & Make-up: Tobias Binderberger c/o Bigoudi

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Luxury Made Sustainably – The innovative start-up VEYNOU stands for laboratory-grown diamonds and recycled gold. Thanks to VEYNOU, mines can soon become a thing of the past – because what many are still unaware of : Diamonds can be created in the lab without negative consequences for nature and human beings. Environmentally friendly, of transparent origin, created under fair conditions and with the highest quality standards. “And yet, our diamonds created by VEYNOU all share the same chemical, physical and optical properties as diamonds found in mines, however without the ecological and ethical disadvantages.” says co-founder Philip Deml.

Thanks for the spot presented here go to Director Robert Fellner. On set for hair & make-up was Tobias BINDERBERGER c/o BIGOUDI.

Fun fact : Diamonds grown in the lab, like their counterparts found in mines, each have their own unique structure and quality criteria, and are evaluated, as they always have been, according to the 4 Cs : Carat, Color, Cut, and Clarity. Find our more about it on the VEYNOU website.

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