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PANIC STUDIO c/o ANDREA HEBERGER presents you the ‘Anti Kibble’ campaign for FRESHPET on GoSee.NEWS


Panic Studio Animation for Freshpet Campaign

Client: Freshpet
Animation: Panic Studio c/o Andrea Heberger GmbH

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“The only ingredients we’re interested in are the best ingredients we can find. Every recipe we make starts with 100% farm-raised chicken, beef or fish, and all-natural fruits and veggies grown right here in the USA.” PANIC STUDIO c/o ANDREA HEBERGER produced this beautiful animated spot for the ‘Anti Kibble campaign by FRESHPET. Freshpet is an American pet food company. Its cat food and dog food products are marketed as fresh, and need to be kept refrigerated at the point of sale.

“Just like other fresh groceries, our recipes are kept refrigerated from the moment they’re made to the day they arrive in the refrigerator. We believe we can make truly good food for our pets, while being a force for good. We never stop pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. And while we know we’re not perfect, we do all we can to lessen our environmental impact while giving pets the freshest, healthiest food there is.

We strive to always source ingredients as locally as possible, while getting our pets all the nutrition they need. To support farmers who share our values. To reduce the amount of packaging we use while keeping food fresh. To protect the welfare of our four-legged friends with determination and devotion. To do what’s right. It’s why we love what we do every day.”

Freshpet was founded in Secaucus, New Jersey, in 2006 by former pet food executives Scott Morris, Cathal Walsh and John Phelps. The company opened its first factory in 2006 in Quakertown, Pennsylvania; and another in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in 2013. In February 2020, the company was granted 2.1 million dollars from the Texas Enterprise Fund for the construction of a new factory in Ennis, Texas. GoSee : freshpet.comandreaheberger.de

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