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Agencies • CLOSE UP AGENCY : ANTONIA ZANDER CASHMERE, Tamron campaign in Bali, Müller Maßhemden Manufaktur, Zewa Wisch & Weg with Jana Ina Zarella, DB Mobil with Désirée Nosbusch, Hilton Athens magazine, and Elegant Travel mag

19.02.2020 • In Bali, Sallyhateswing photographed for TAMRON Germany, manufacturer of finest quality optical products. Michaela KIRETA c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY was in charge of hair & make-up.

Cristoph GAMBECK c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY supported the shoot for the latest collection of Antonia Zander cashmere knitwear. For the camera of Philipe Arlt, blonde model Sarah Meier struck the perfect pose. Serving as Fashion Director was Designer Antonia Zander.

Petra SULGER (hair & make-up) c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY worked for the client Müller Maßhemden Manufaktur and photographer Lars Beusker. Production was in the hands of Andre Wachtendonk and Matthias Müller-Trunk.

For Zewa Wisch & Weg, testimonial Jana Ina Zarella stood in front of the camera of Konstantin Eulenburg. Hair & make-up came from Sandra SCHÜTZ c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY, and the client was celebrity marketing specialist Brands and Talents.

Alex Schier photographed a story for L’OFFICIEL BALTICS with model Leonie Pleuse, hair & make-up support from Diana Galante c/o CLOSE UP AGENCY and styling by Susanne Marx.

Yiorgos Kaplanidis photographed a fashion special...

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Agencies • ANDREA HEBERGER : Jaguar Intelligent All Wheel Drive spot, German schlager star Maite Kelly in a cover story for THE CURVY mag, INTERSPORT Kids, animation for HPE POINTNEXT SERVICES, PUMP mag, ALUTON Facade Aluminium Products, the Ballerina Project, ...

18.02.2020 • ‘Jaguars belong outside ...’ - DOP Joachim THÖRNQVIST c/o ANDREA HEBERGER presents you the Jaguar Intelligent All Wheel Drive (AWD) spot on GoSee.

Maite Star Kelly is an Irish singer and actress and the second-youngest child in the legendary Kelly Family. She is the only one of her siblings to be born in Germany and contributed to the family band as a singer from a very early age, after which she kicked off her solo and musical career. Tanja TREMEL c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographed Maite Kelly for CURVY magazine. GoSee the interview:

Simone SCHNEIDER c/o ANDREA HEBERGER photographs kids sportswear for INTERSPORT in Miami Beach.

The brief was to tell the story of a journey to modernized IT. A transformation that can be intimidating but can be embraced without fear by those with the right know-how. Hello, Savants! c/o ANDREA HEBERGER is a collective of long-time Friends with divers and complementary skills and is based in Amsterdam.

HPE POINTNEXT SERVICES stands for expertise in the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies....

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Agencies • STILLSTARS : BYNACHT GLASS SKIN SERUM, JOHANN JAKOB Furniture, FERM LIVING S/S 2020 Collection, Maledives luxury resort Finolhu, CREDIT SUISSE campaign, PARADOR, and NEW entry photographer Claudia GÖDKE

18.02.2020 • Swiss brand JOHANN JAKOB creates new living space with strong design – uncompromising in quality and flexibility when it comes to individual solutions and fair prices: The time has come for new classics. Stillstars: “As if captured within some surrealistic Dali, Jeroen van der Spe’s latest commission for JOHANN JAKOB achieves fascinating new artful minimalism.” Styling: Cleo Scheuldermann, CD: Patrik Zorkovic and agency: Vasata Schröder. GoSee:

The new CREDIT SUISSE campaign by thjnk Switzerland, photographed by Lars RANEK c/o STILLSTARS (styling: Werner Baumgartner), is an ode to visionaries and hard-working entrepreneurs. They don’t ask ‘Why?’, They ask ‘Why not?’ And precisely this confident statement becomes the connective element of the campaign.

“In this S/S ‘20 collection, earthy tones and organic shapes meet sculptural lines; solid, robust forms are merged with soft, natural fittings while we continue to focus on honest materials that are no more, and no less, than what they appear to be,” FERM LIVING on the new collection, once again staged by Heidi...

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Agencies • NERGER M&O : stills for ZALANDO, MARC AUREL S/S 2020, ADIDAS x MONOCLE ‘Pulse Boost HD’, WEMPE MAGAZINE, LUFTHANSA MAG, DEUTSCHE BAHN employer campaign, LOVESOME MAG, and the magazine of gallery Hauser & Wirth

18.02.2020 • Accessories, must-haves and sneakers – Berlin-based photographer Ragnar SCMHUCK c/o NERGER M&O is a master of staging thrilling and lively stills. In his studio, he creates playful arrangements; he loves shadows and transporting a feeling for space into the two dimensional. We present you a selection of his work for ZALANDO as well as an artificial, personal work.

Portraiture, reportage & authentic advertising – that’s what CONSTANTIN MIRBACH c/o NERGER M&O stands for. He flexed his skills for the ADIDAS x MONOCLE ‘Pulse Boost HD’ campaign (styling: Kira März, production: LuckyJu, assistant: Jana Islinger, talent: Matthias Teuchert).

For WEMPE MAGAZINE Selected by Wempe Winter 19, Constantin realized a reportage about cuff link manufacturer Emil Kraus, and for the cover story in LUFTHANSA MAGAZINE 1/20, he got a glimpse of the start-up scene in the Estonian city of Tartu. At the end of January, business founders and investors from all over the world gathered in Tartu for the perhaps largest convention of the Baltic region. The university town in the east of Estonia quickly...

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Agencies • AK/KRUSE Artistmanagement : GOETZE 2020 campaign, DERMAFIQUE, ZALANDO extranormal campaign, PETAR PETROV Resort 2020 collection, BASIS PH, ...

18.02.2020 • Founded by Sissi Goetze after graduating with an MA in menswear from Central Saint Martins in London, GOETZE was formed around an on-going exploration of formal and casual sensibilities within essential menswear items. Since recently, GOETZE keeps a strong focus on complex shirting, making it the label’s key item. Based in Berlin, GOETZE draws upon the city’s intersection of unconventional lifestyle with elements extracted from art, design and leisure to develop and craft each collection.

Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE has stood at the side of Sissi for many years as consultant and stylist and produces all campaigns for the label. With photographer Davit Giorgadze, he staged the new GOETZE 2020 campaign. GoSee:

Stephan ABRY c/o AK/KRUSE photographed liquids and textures for the beauty brand DERMAFIQUE in his Hamburg Studio.

Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE consulted and styled for the ZALANDO extranormal campaign, creating four films and the corresponding print campaign, shot in the Netherlands.

Jork WEISMANN c/o AK/KRUSE photographed model Sara Blomqvist Young for the...

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