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ILLU SEPIA : presents you the book ‘Explore the Rainforest’ on GoSee, illustrated by Anton Hallmann and published by LITTLE GESTALTEN

28.09.2022 • Anton Hallmann’s illustrations are in demand by companies and publishing houses for advertisements and magazines alike. He presents you yet another of his facets here on GoSee – as an illustrator of children’s books. Just last year, his master’s thesis on the great explorers of the world was published at the publishing house Little Gestalten, Berlin, followed this year by his new book entitled ‘Explore the Rainforest’.

Join Emma and Louis on a trip into the jungle and experience exciting adventures with them: “Enter the depths of the rainforest, the lungs of our planet that are home to the richest variety of animals and plants.”

And GESTALTEN explains : “In their latest adventure, Emma and Louis embark on a journey to where nature is at its wildest : the middle of the rainforest. Under the shady canopy of the trees, they discover a world full of wonders, in which many of the most extraordinary and strange animals on our planet are at home. They discover monkeys, butterflies, frogs that can fly, and plants that work with animals in symbiosis, but also get to know especially...

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AGENCIES ‘At Home With LeBron James and His Family’ – Gillian LAUB c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographs the basketball legend including his family for the cover editorial in VANITY FAIR September ‘22

28.09.2022 • The 2.06-meter-tall (6’7”) American basketball player LeBron Raymone James Sr. has been playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the North American professional league NBA since the 2018/19 season – and is considered a living legend of his sport. James has been married to Savannah Brinson since 2013. The two have already known each other since high school and have officially been a couple since 2001. They have two sons and one daughter: Bronny, Bryce, and Zhuri. The American Dream.

Gillian LAUB c/o LGA MGMT photographed the spread with LeBron James’ family for the VANITY FAIR September 2022 issue at the home of the superstar in Los Angeles.

We quote Dan Adler, author of the exclusive VF article at home with the James’ : “As LeBron prepares to enter his 20th season as a standard-bearer for the NBA and its ever-growing cultural footprint, his family has assumed increasingly prominent roles in the landscape he has reshaped. V.F. joined them as they gathered at their Los Angeles home to commemorate, in their first photo shoot as a family (including Savannah’s parents, Jennifer and JK, and...

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MODEL Ultimate luxury like never before – Veronika T. c/o BRODYBOOKINGS for the MERCEDES-MAYBACH S-Class

27.09.2022 • The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is considered a symbol of ultimate modern luxury, maximum comfort and cutting-edge technologies in the area of transportation. We present you petite model Veronika T. c/o BRODYBOOKINGS, photographed by Sophie Daum, including the automobile dream come true, the MERCEDES-MAYBACH S-Class. On set for hair & makeup was Mily Serebrenik.

“Our aspiration is to surpass yours. The new Mercedes-Maybach S-Class defines ultimate luxury like never before. Finest-quality materials, excellent workmanship, outstanding comfort paired with innovative technologies and a personal assistant in the form of the intelligent MBUX infotainment system make sure your driving experience is pure pleasure.” Mercedes-Maybach.

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AGENCIES SONJA HEINTSCHEL : BEYMEN CLUB F/W 2022 commercial for TBWA Istanbul in Barcelona, OWP Eyewear image campaign, MAC JEANS, FACES magazine and stills for BMW Lifestyle

20.09.2022 • “Time flies faster than ever. We are in a friendly race against time. On the one hand, we want to live in harmony with nature and discover our own limits – while setting sail for innovations on the other. This delicate balance encourages us to be constantly on the move. Exploration lies at the very heart of dynamism, and being on the road is the greatest discovery in and of itself for those guided by innovation…

As the shades of green turn yellow with the arrival of fall, the compass now points to the city. Now is the time to go after what’s going on in the city. It is time to revive cultural life, make room for fresh ideas, listen to new voices, and dream. This is an endless journey; each new discovery leads to the next; every inspiring encounter leads to new acquaintances. And Beymen Club asks: ‘Where to now?’”

This stylish search for deeper meaning was illustrated for Fall/Winter ‘22 in Barcelona by director duo VIVIENNE & TAMAS c/o SONJA HEINTSCHEL.

Together with Kuba Giermaziak, Kim Luis Schramm and Michele Beretta, the three-time overall winner Markus Winkelhock competed in...

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AGENCIES JULIA WALDMANN presents : YAW – the ongoing project by photographer Felix Wittich 

19.09.2022 • Photographer Felix Wittich works in Amsterdam and in Hamburg. His clients include Audi, BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Die Zeit, Miele, Nivea, Smart, Warner Music & lululemon as well as advertising agencies such as Geometry, Jung von Matt, M&C Saatchi, Serviceplan, thjnk …

We present you his personal work ‘YAW’ here on GoSee – and feel free to contact his agent Julia Waldmann for news, commissions and everything else.

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