30.03.2020  •  Agencies NEWS


‘The sustainability series olive oil – naturally beautiful!’ – CASTIN with casting support for MEDIPHARMA COSMETICS



The sustainability series olive oil - naturally beautiful ! medipharma cosmetics relies on valuable active ingredients from nature such as cold-pressed organic olive oil with the extra virgin seal of quality, which is obtained from the best olives. It optimally supplies the skin with lipids and strengthens the natural skin barrier. All models cast by castin

Director: Zeitraum
Client: medipharma cosmetics
Model: Jochen L.
Model2: Anna
Model3: Carina

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The MEDIPHARMA COSMETICS brand belongs to the company Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH, which is headquartered in Homburg an der Saar. For more than 40 years, the company has been active in Research & Development in the areas of health and beautiful skin. Medipharma cosmetics makes use of knowledge passed down for generations and combines it with the latest scientific findings – all Made in Germany.

In the various product series, valuable vegetable oils and extracts are used as well as skin-care lipids or innovative combinations of active ingredients, thus forming the basis for healthy skincare. The company offers facial, hair and body care products for different skin conditions and skin types. For the spot, all roles were cast by Frankfurt-based agency CASTIN.

MEDIPHARMA: “We want to fulfill the wishes of our customers for sustainable cosmetics across the board – without making compromises when it comes to high-quality care. All of our new sustainable olive oil products are vegan and, therefore, free of animal ingredients. Moreover, they do not contain microplastics of any kind, e.g. the tiny plastic particles that are transported into the groundwater through the drain, in order to help protect our oceans and our health.” GoSee: medipharma.de