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GoSee Creatives to Watch : Luca Rescheleit, Founder / Creative Director of Core BLN, realizes a visually stunning AI film on climate change and nature conservation for GoNature


Core BLN : AI-Film for GoNature

Advertising Agency: Core BLN
Creative Director: Luca Rescheleit

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Luca Rescheleit is one of the most highly awarded creative directors in Germany, with more than fifteen years of industry experience. He started his career at Jung von Matt and has since realized numerous campaigns for both international and German brands. Together with Client Service Director Kerstin Hagg, he founded CORE BLN. We present you their campaign for GoNature here on GoSee – a film created entirely in AI. To do so, they generated thousands of images using Midjourney, which were then combined in-house to create one seemingly endless image which is zoomed through in the film. The message : in nature, everything is connected.

Luca Rescheleit tells GoSee : “GoNature is an NGO which gives volunteers a platform in the area of nature conservation and the protection of endangered species they can use to find projects for volunteer work and networking. We wanted to show how everything is interconnected in nature : climate change, pollution, heat waves, flooding, the extinction of species, or exploitation of resources. We do this with what seems like an endless loop, in which each scene builds upon the last without cuts in between. Accompanied by a call to action to help nature break this vicious circle.”

How much work went into creating the film entirely in AI? “All images in the film were generated by our AI team in-house and molded into the finished film with the aid of various AIs. From the beginning, the film was conceived with mobile-first in mind and produced in portrait format in order to reach a young target group on TikTok, Insta and so forth. Perhaps also interesting in this context is the fact that the film, despite the use of AI, is by no means a ‘test tube’ product, and did not necessarily require less work to make than a comparable film. All in all, we spent several weeks generating thousands of images, constantly coming up with workarounds so that the scenes dovetailed smoothly and seamlessly the way we wanted.”

What does your new agency CORE BLN stand for? “When we founded CORE BLN, our ambition was to be a creative brand consultancy. The two poles of our work come from the structure with which CORE BLN was founded : with Kerstin Hagg as consultant and me as creative director. I think you can see that these are not merely empty buzzwords in the way we work with our clients. Not only do we realize creative campaigns for them; we also create measures which deeply impact corporate strategy. We developed a sustainability narrative, for instance, for one of our clients to be used by various departments, not only marketing, as a guideline to position themselves more sustainably.”

And what kind of background do you two have? “We were both at Jung von Matt; Kerstin was also with Wieden+Kennedy and antoni. We worked on numerous global campaigns for companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Havana Club, Hyundai, EA Sports, to name a few. But, of course, also for smaller brands here in Germany from time to time.

Then, at the beginning of 2023, we founded our own company, Core BLN, and promised ourselves from the very beginning that, alongside our ‘classic’ experience from such big A-list agencies, we wanted to make sure we were as agile as a start-up. This includes our decision to use AI very early on, and that the first position we filled was for an expert in the field of generative AI. This year, we will continue to build upon what we’ve started, with many more exciting projects to come – several with AI, some of which, however, with nothing more and nothing less than human intelligence.”

GoSee : corebln.com

Core BLN : Kerstin Hagg & Luca Rescheleit

Core BLN : Kerstin Hagg & Luca Rescheleit