29.09.2021  •  Agencies NEWS


MINI LOVES DOGS – DOGS LOVE MINI! The eye-catching campaign plus commercial by Dan Burn-Forti c/o MAKING PICTURES and The Brooklyn Brothers for MINI UK


MINI by Dan Burn-Forti c/o MAKING PICTURES

Director: Dan BURN-FORTI c/o Making Pictures

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The Brooklyn Brothers have defined an entirely new kind of consumer for MINI UK and put dogs in the driver seat to kick off the MINI LOVES DOGS campaign. To realize the commercial, they chose Dan Burn-Forti c/o MAKING PICTURES.

Inspired by the increasing role dogs play in our daily lives, MINI UK teamed up with Dogs Trust – the biggest charity organization for dogs in the UK – to become the first officially dog-friendly car brand. Because it’s important that the car is not only for the whole family, but also for our four-legged passengers.

David George von MINI UK : “Born from our entire team’s passion for dogs, we are so excited to be partnering with Dogs Trust, an organization that has been very close to my heart since we adopted our Lurcher, Harry, from them three years ago. With more dogs in families now than ever before, we want to help make sure they travel safely and enjoy the ride.”

“As our partnership continues, we are really looking forward to working with Dogs Trust to help us support our MINI and dog-loving customers across the car buying and ownership journey, as we strive to become the UK’s first officially dog-friendly car retailer.”

“It was clear to us from the beginning that dogs loved MINI as much as people do! So the spirit of ‘MINI loves dogs & dogs love MINI’ captures our point of view brilliantly. We worked with Dan Burn-Forti who brought real distinction to our film & photography,” says Simon Poett, Exec Creative Director from The Brooklyn Brothers.

Dan Burn-Forti has a wry way of looking at the world that gives his work a spirit and a sense of humor that can be rare in contemporary photography. His animal portraits are hugely popular, and he has the ability to find an original twist when photographing Hollywood legends, political figures and sports stars. In his documentary-style shots of everyday scenes, Dan captures the quiet eccentricity that seems quintessentially British. He is drawn to the strange and the ridiculous, to people, customs and situations that are bizarre, pompous or both. 

Dan tailors his approach to the individual commission to make sure he doesn’t repeat himself. That might mean immersing himself in personal work, playing with the tension between formal and unguarded in his portraits or trying to create pockets of spontaneity within the framework of his advertising commissions. Throughout it all, his instinctive feel for light and color and his left-field eye for happenstance elevates even seemingly straightforward images into something very special.

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