10.05.2021  •  Agencies NEWS


ONE HUNDRED BERLIN : presents the new NETFLIX series 1899, with post production of the official campaign motif by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN – plus the renowned Berlin-based post-producers offer two positions via GoSeeJOBS : JUNIOR / SENIOR CREATIVE RETOUCHER and OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR

With ‘1899’, we can expect the next project by the creators of ‘Dark’, Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar, on NETFLIX. The series ‘1899’ is a historical mystery drama for which the producers used a new film studio equipped with modern LED technology. In eight episodes, ‘1899’ tells the story of mysterious events taking place during the crossing of a ship full of emigrants on its way from Europe to New York.

The teaser motif for the new NETFLIX series ‘1899’ was post-produced by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN. It was photographed by Jan Rasmus Voss. The film shoot for the series ‘1899’ has been in progress in London and Berlin since February, 2021. The first season is planned to be aired in 2022.

In ‘1899’, passengers of different descent dream hopefully about a better future for themselves in the USA. While still on the open sea, they encounter a second ship which has been presumed missing for several months. From then on, their journey takes an unexpected turn because what they find on board transforms their crossing to the promise land into a nightmarish riddle.

Author and producer Jantje Friese tells us about the actors in ‘1899’: “‘1899’ is at heart truly European. The characters all come from different countries and speak in their respective native languages in the series. We are so lucky to have found such incredible talent from around the world to embark with us on this exciting journey.”

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