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13.02.2024  •  Agencies NEWS


Plastic Is Problematic - BASICS.BERLIN presents the BETTERPLACE.ORG campaign spot by Director Stephan Fallucchi with hair & makeup by Brigitte Brenner


BASICS BERLIN: Hair and Make-up by Brigitte Brenner for Campaign Hair & Makeup: Brigitte Brenner c/o Basics Berlin DOP: Stephan Fallucchi Production: Bubbles Film GmbH

DOP: Stephan Fallucchi
Production: Bubbles Film GmbH
Hair & Make-up: Brigitte Brenner c/o basics berlin

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“Does that look good, or are you better off leaving it alone?” is asked in the campaign spot for the social platform by director Stephan Fallucchi. Because, in our everyday lives, we’re all required to set the course for tomorrow with all the little decisions we make today.

On set for hair & makeup was Brigitte BRENNER c/o BASICS.BERLIN. is the attempt to make use of the medium internet for more than only buying books, booking your next trip, or to find new friends. Today, the platform gives people the chance to introduce themselves and show their work publicly to people all over the world, while finding others who want to see the real difference their support can make: first-hand, transparently and worldwide.

The ‘Long Tail of Charity’: the basic idea behind is above all to provide a platform for all the small grassroots projects all over the world so that they too can reach a broader audience for the first time. Business at is financed through services for companies, individual private donations and funding from strategic partners.

Alongside the platform, there is also betterplace lab. betterplace lab analyzes which trends at the intersection of digital and social are changing the world and shows magnificent examples of people who are using the internet or mobile communication to make life a little bit better.

Today, is the largest donation platform in Germany, and betterplace lab is a pioneer when it comes to digital change in the social sector.

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DOP Stephan Fallucchi
PRODUCTION Bubbles Film GmbH
HAIR & MAKEUP Brigitte Brenner c/o

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