26.03.2020  •  Agencies NEWS


StillinMotion : Crisis-proof CGI/3D production and digital marketing for a competitive advantage – during and after the crisis



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Your photo or film shoot has been canceled? Photos and footage for online advertising are required immediately? The marketing budget has been cut from one minute to the next? StillinMotion offers you: production of photorealistic 3D images and 3D animations as well as real film spots by reprocessing stock materials with the aid of CGI and visual effects.

Advertising production and product release have been called off? Marketing has come to a standstill? Product release postponed? Sitting it out clearly comes with disadvantages. StillinMotion: “We’ll help you gain a competitive advantage that makes all the difference. Create your planned media with CGI and 3D and be ready to advertise when the crisis is over while others are still busy getting their media productions started.”

Customers are no longer coming to your product? Hard to keep in touch with customers while in lockdown? StillinMotion relies on innovative tools such as VR, AR, 360° images or 360° turntables to bring the product to the customer. In a nutshell: It’s high time to immediately make your products available online for customers to experience on every mobile device. And tap into new target groups as the cherry on top.

Find a selection of work samples here:
- VR with hand gesture control 
360° images & turntables vimeo.com/393454594
- 3D key visuals stillinmotion.de//hymerfuture#Home and
and stillinmotion.de//koenigbauer as well as stillinmotion.de//leatherman#Home
- Film vimeo.com/386186138 and vimeo.com/386186736
- Animation vimeo.com/351169783 and vimeo.com/31193492
- VFX vimeo.com/300956613