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We are B&A REPS GERMANY --> Meet us at UPDATE-23-BERLIN



B&A REPS GERMANY: We are creative solution providers:
 Storytelling, Content, Shared resources, 
Multi discipline collaborations and everything. 14 powerful visual artists, more to come: 
Let's go ! Lily Brown favours natural lighting & natural tones ! Robert Elmengård is all about authentity, nature and sustainability ... Patrik Giardino combines his affinity for sports with a keen eye for movement, cinematic composition and lighting. Romain Laurent is a conceptual photographer, director, and everything in between. Patrik Johäll shoots people, places and things, in a style that combines state-of-the-art technical proficiency with soulful style and creativity. Michael Hanisch will always be passionate in what he is doing, no matter what visual content it is. Michael Heinsen succeeds in capturing those fine nuances that make a photo or film sequence special and simply. Joe Pugliese: Love & Respect ! Ben Rayner: Not too much words: Capturing the moment: From London to New York to Berlin ! Sabine Scheer is conceptual photography, perfect results, absolute expert in lighting techniques, „Fairy of Light“ or „Dr.Flash" ! Frank Schemmann is always looking for the right energy, the good energy. Jason Schmidt is deeply interested in culture, art and environment of people. Stefan Snymans style blends his South African roots with Scandinavian influence to create a refined look with a dynamic edge. Wolfgang ZACLAND: HALTUNG: Translate this beautiful German term into your life !

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B&A Germany (Bernstein&Andriulli) is in the German market with German and international light designers : “We are creative solution providers: Storytelling, content, shared resources, multi discipline collaborations and everything. We look forward to seeing you !” Ilse Johanne Pfeiffer and team.

B&A REPS is a global management agency representing a diverse group of creatives who provide forward-thinking and award-winning visual solutions. Our talent includes photographers, illustrators, animators, design studios, CGI artists, mural artists, hair & makeup artists, stylists, immersive technologists, and full service production experts. Diversity in the disciplines of talent we represent has made us a conduit for creative cross-pollination. Within our group, we represent both emerging talent and accelerate growth for our established artists. Our agents and artists are creative solution providers. B&A is based in New York City with offices in London, Germany/Berlin, Shanghai, and Sydney.

B&A is part of Great Bowery. They have reimagined the traditional agency approach by uniting a diverse range of globally recognized luxury image-makers with creative strategists to offer clients end-to-end service from project inception to full-scale execution. Across the entire collective, their services include creative, artist representation, image licensing, and distribution strategy. Founded in 2015 with headquarters in New York City and London, their clients are comprised of the world’s most iconic companies, spanning fashion, beauty, Web3, technology, and more.

Brands that are part of Great Bowery include Bowie, CLM, Coveteur, Gallery Stock, GBI, Lookbooks, M.A.P., Streeters, Trunk Archive and B&A REPS, of course.

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Featuring: Patrik Johall+6