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MODEL Model Emilia VUCINIC c/o ICONIC seen by Alex Trommlitz … and meet ICONIC at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

03.04.2023 • Since 2018, model EMILIA VUCINIC, born 1997 in Niksic, Montenegro, which is located on the southeastern Adriatic coast of southern Europe, has been involved in the model circus. The Montenegrin beauty is represented internationally by renowned agencies, and her mother agency is ICONIC Berlin. We present her here in new and minimalist portrait shots by photographer Alex Trommlitz.

And you can meet ICONIC, represented by Founder Ingo Nolden – like every year – at UPDATE-23-BERLIN.

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PROD Vamos criar – TWO PALMS PRODUCTIONS produces for IBM’s ‘New Creators’ campaign

30.03.2023 • Vamos criar – is Portuguese and roughly means ‘come on, let’s create!’ The claim with which IBM is now presenting the new generation of creative go-getters – paving the way for us to a better future.

The global IBM ‘New Creators’ campaign, realized by photographer Bob Wolfenson, was produced by TWO PALM PRODUCTIONS.

IBM on the campaign : “IBM celebrates people who use technology creatively to drive change in business and the world. We call them the New Creators.” Right now, 31 such New Creators across the globe are featured by IBM.

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a publicly traded multinational IT and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York State. IBM is among the world’s leading companies, in particular, for industry-specific products and services in the IT sector as well as software and hardware. In 2019, IBM had more than 300,000 employees worldwide.

Two Palms is a full-service production company headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in advertising and editorial shoots : “Although we can produce anywhere, we are known for producing...

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POST Becoming … – RETOUCHED-STUDIOS post-produces the 2023 employer campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ & an UPDATE-23-BERLIN exhibitor

29.03.2023 • Camila Armbrust c/o Shotview Artists Management photographed the 2023 employer campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ. Posing for her camera were a diverse variety of models chosen to convey the ‘Becoming… One of Us’ claim. A visual element consistent throughout the 40 motifs is the sky, symbolizing the company that connects all individuals worldwide – regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

The executive agency was MDCT AG with post production by the Hamburg-based RETOUCHED-STUDIOS.

Themed upon ‘Becoming… One of Us’, Mercedes-Benz has launched a new international campaign to position itself continuously as an attractive employer in the job market. With this campaign, Mercedes-Benz expresses its conviction that the success of the company depends to a large extent on employees realizing their full potential in their work – with their technical expertise, pioneering spirit and uniqueness. Over the course of this campaign, the employer value proposition has also been redefined: ‘Together for excellence’.

“More than 160,000 applicants in 2022 in Germany alone show:...

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POST ‘OPHIRUM. Simply Gold.’ Cash Cow Farmers banks on the notorious ‘Golden Hand’ for the fine metal trader – in the campaign post-produced by IMAGEREFINERY

27.03.2023 • With the ‘Golden Hand’, OPHIRUM has created a daring and entirely new campaign. The key idea is based on the proverbial golden hand, which one demonstrates by betting on the right investment. What’s special about it : the golden hand is blind to age and gender, skin color and status!

The campaign was developed by the agency Cash Cow Farmers, a full-service creative agency headquartered in Hamburg, represented personally by Creative Director Art Gudrun Cordts and CD Text Benjamin Dresel. Post production of the motifs photographed by Michael Abele was in the hands of IMAGEREFINERY.

CASH COW FARMERS : “There are customers who are truly worth gold. The same goes for precious metals retailer OPHIRUM – not merely for its glittering products, but just as much for the creative freedom we were given for the complete upgrade of the brand and communication. With top-of-the-line 360° conception, we designed everything from the logo to the TVC and the website, to the print campaign, the YouTube infomercial and even the online banner. In other words: the complete communication mix.

In an...

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AGENCIES Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER accompanied the AUDI Q8 e-tron on Valentine’s Day

27.03.2023 • For a special campaign on Valentine’s Day, four commercials were produced with the Audi Q8 e-tron in the lead role.

Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER accompanied the film shoot in Barcelona and realized the atmospheric photos – to underscore the individual topics. The executive agency was thjnk.

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