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AGENCIES JULIA WALDMANN : ALDI now c/o antoni_99, TEBONUS campaign, portrait of actress MAIKE JÜTTENDONK, GETIR, BUKO by ARLA and ‘Invisibility’ at the Jung von Matt Gallery

14.06.2022 • TEGUT, founded in 1947, is a German business enterprise and full-range food retailer with headquarters in Fulda. Tegut operates 296 stores with approx. 7,700 employees in Hesse, Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate, Thuringia and Baden-Württemberg. Since 1982, the company has been committed to the cultivation and marketing of organic food.

The campaign for the tebonus card was photographed by Felix WITTLICH c/o JULIA WALDMANN.

Since January 2013, Tegut has been owned by Swiss retailer co-op Migros Zurich, a shareholder of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives.

MAIKE JÜTTENDONK was born in 1987, is a died-in-the-wool girl from Cologne who has made Berlin her home. Her hair color is blonde, her eyes are brown, and she is 1.62 meters tall. She drives a passenger car, speaks English (fluently) and can speak the KÖLSCH dialect.

As a sports ace, Maike is a master at fencing and yoga, but also the tango Argentino and contact. Plus, she sings rock & pop (professionally) like a nightingale and raps better than die Antwoord …that is according to her admittedly quite enthusiastic agency....

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14.06.2022 • Nicole Neumann c/o Hille Photographers shoots for BIJOU BRIGITTE – hair & makeup by Isabel PETERS c/o BIGOUDI. COMMA fashion & editorials for ELLE Bulgaria with Dirk Bader and THE MAGAZINE with Florian Deventer – 3 x hair & makeup by Suzana SANTALAB c/o BIGOUDI.

Silke Schlotz photographs for ROY ROBSON – hair & makeup by Tobias BINDERBERGER c/o BIGOUDI, three suit motifs for you on GoSee.NEWS.

‘Pas de Deux’ in German HARPER’S BAZAAR – with hair & makeup by Victoria PLEKHANOVA c/o BIGOUDI.

‘Cab Le Girl’ – Simone Rudolff photographs for ELLE Arabia, with hair & makeup by Jo PASCHALIS c/o BIGOUDI.

Karsten Kofalk photographs for C:EHKO – hair & makeup by Sven OHLSEN c/o BIGOUDI.

Do your thing with CARELINE – hair & makeup in a new shampoo spot for Careline Israel by Creative Director Omer ASAF c/o BIGOUDI.

BIGOUDI : Welcome aboard new artist Emma Bombosch, hair & makeup artist, Hamburg & Düsseldorf.

NEW entry BIGOUDI : A warm welcome to hair & makeup artist Janis Burmeister, and we have a first PORTFOLIO for you on...

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LOCATION Aerial scouting and custom virtual location tours – FAST FORWARD LOCATION SERVICE presents you the new services on GoSee.NEWS … plus a JOB OFFER on GoSee.JOBS

13.06.2022 • Fast Forward location service – is your innovative location and scouting agency with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. With its convincing locations and services, Fast Forward consistently focuses on offering all styles and looks tailored to each individual production : larger-than-life or soft and intimate, or everything in between… all no problem for the Hamburg scouts !

Chances are good that FF already has the perfect location in the archive. And if not, the scouts are always ready and willing to hunt and find one for you : “We are passionate and committed when it comes to conducting research and professional presentation. We are foremost specialized in Hamburg and the north of Germany. If for some reason the right location cannot be found here, we will extend our scouting services to cover further regions, both in Germany and abroad to fulfill your every expectation. You’ll find a selection of locations from other parts of Germany and the world ready and waiting in our archive.”

New services include custom aerial scouting and custom virtual location tours. We have three spots...

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MODEL ICONIC presents you top model Natalia Bulycheva in Chanel, photographed by Instagram heavyweight Kat Irlin

13.06.2022 • Following the sensational splash of the BEYMEN campaign, top model Natalia Bulycheva c/o ICONIC MANAGEMENT Berlin flexes her spectacular dancing skills for us once again. This time for none other than French fashion icon CHANEL.

The Russian beauty was photographed for it by Kat Irlin in New York. With more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram, the photographer, who was born in Russian herself and started her career by uploading her photographs of New York to precisely the platform Instagram, is considered an important voice of her generation. Styling: Dione Davis.

GoSee :

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POST ‘Welcome to Malibu, Where We Do Whatever Tastes Good’ – STANLEY’S POST LTD with retouch for the MALIBU stills campaign for Wieden+Kennedy London

13.06.2022 • Summer is here! MALIBU – the perfect blend of rum and coconut – has kicked off a campaign together with Wieden+Kennedy London, which encourages consumers to embrace the summer vibe and enjoy life to the fullest… STANLEY’S POST LTD – leading creative post, CGI, & digital studio from London – took care of post production of the MALIBU print motifs, which were photographed by Jack Strutz.

The accompanying commercial ‘Welcome to Malibu’ by Dave Meyers features a woman riding on a motorcycle which magically morphs into a coconut horse. Along the way, she meets a variety of cheerful characters while an interpretation of Carly Rae Jepson’s song ‘Call Me Maybe’ can be heard playing in the background. Any questions? We LOVE it !

About - Stanley's Post. We’ve helped the world’s leading creative agencies and brands to create outstanding campaign imagery for nearly 20 years. Our reputation is built on high-end retouching but, increasingly, we’re extending that reputation across more complex image requirements, too. Our highly skilled artists apply the same detailed craft-based approach to...

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