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Art • RANKIN presents ‘DISRUPTION’ at PETRA GUT CONTEMPORARY in Zurich, Switzerland, Grand Opening 7 February 2020

04.02.2020 • Photographer RANKIN launches the first solo exhibition at PETRA GUT CONTEMPORARY Gallery, showcasing iconic portraits and never-before-exhibited Polaroids from top shoots. Celebrating the start of their gallerist and artist collaboration, Rankin has joined forces with Zurich-based Petra Gut to explore his boldest portraiture. From international superstars to dancers and models, Disruption is a unique tour through the emotion, intimacy and humor evident in Rankin’s portrait and beauty work. “I’ve always been obsessed with people. I want to get to know everyone and know everything about them. I think this is why I love portraits as I get to spend one-on-one time with the great and the good and really find out what makes them them. Disruption is the first time I’ve had a show that is really all about that emotional connection. The works show sadness, happiness, nervousness, and confidence. Just like my portrait and beauty photography, this exhibition is all about a connection and a feeling.”

Opening up the door further into his artistic practice and the photographer/model...

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Art • POETRY, MYTH, AND THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY – Monira Al Qadiri deals in Empire Dye with the fragmentation of people living in the Arabian world resulting from prosperity, religious beliefs and magical thinking

29.01.2020 • The young Kuwaiti Monira Al Qadiri (*1983) is one of art’s most important voices in the Gulf region. She poetically combines the social upheavals of the past thirty years, the severe repercussions of the fossil fuel industry, and belief systems with traditional elements from myth and history. In showing us the disruptions between the past and the present through symbols – for instance, glass represents the ghostly remains of desert oil drills – she speculates upon a possible future. The monograph Empire Dye provides insight into Al Qadiri’s work.

Monira Al Qadiri walks a fine line between cultures and the arts. Born in Senegal and raised in Kuwait, she now makes her home in Berlin, after having studied in Japan. Her art is often autobiographical, inspired by Arabian and Japanese culture.

She considers her work as a kind of seismograph for a “compulsorily global” world. Ever since her early days as an artist, Al Qadiri has dealt with the theme of fragmentation as a consequence of affluence, religious beliefs and magical thinking. “One of the central themes in my work is always...

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Art • ‘PAPERBOY’ – exploring the challenges and joy of being different – the art project by paper artist Jaina Minton and photographer JOSEPH FORD c/o COSMOPOLA for Schön! magazine on GoSee

27.01.2020 • JOSEPH FORD c/o COSMOPOLA presents his new art project for SCHÖN MAGAZINE here on GoSee. “Joseph Ford wanted to explore the challenges of teen life. Paperboy is a metaphor for difference: How do you fit in when you’re made of cardboard? He can’t keep up with his friends at basketball, and he’s scared to go in the water. When he eventually tries paddling in the sea, his shoe falls apart. His crew looks out for him though, repairing his foot and helping him do cardboard graffiti in huge low-poly lettering…”

Joseph Ford introduces us to paperboy, Sid Hanson-Kahn, and his friends Woody Cook, Lucas Bonacorso and Jack Cox in this Schön! online editorial. Fashion by Laura Walters sees them in an array of outfits, selected from brands including E. Tautz, John Lawrence Sullivan, Xander Zhou, Napa by Martine Rose, Daniel Fletcher, and Astrid Andersen (photography: Joseph Ford, paper artist: Jaina Minton, fashion: Laura Walters, model paperboy: Sid Hanson-Kahn, models: Woody Cook @ PRM, Lucas Bonacorso @ Nevs + Jack Cox @ Nevs, production: James Hole, retouching: Jonny @ Pop 35, photography...

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Art • GoSee loves ... Senta Simond – an exhibition of sensual portraits by the Swiss photographer in Danziger Gallery NYC and reprint of ‘Rayon Vert’ at Kominek Books

22.01.2020 • Senta Simond studied at the renowned ECAL, University of Arts in Lausanne, from which she graduated with honors in 2017 and went on to continuously inspire with her sensual portraits of women. The reprint of her quickly sold-out photographic debut ‘Rayon Vert’ (Published by Kominek in 2018) has just been released, and Danziger Gallery in New York presents a solo exhibition by the Swiss photographer.

“They are my friends, and friends of friends, some very close, that I have shot for 10 years,” she says about her portrait subjects. “I choose them because I find something intriguing in their character, their attitude; they all have something strong and soft at the same time. There is something very specific that I am fascinated by, and I usually find this in women,” the photographer continues.

Danziger Gallery on the work by Senta Simond : “Simond’s work focuses on an intimate approach to the female body and portraiture. Her photographs – distinctive in their slightly off-kilter approach to composition and expression – feature a circle of acquaintances and respond to the connection...

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