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Art • GoSee Tip : 'The Deconstructed Self' – Natalie Christensen photographs suburban everyday life in the American Southwest, an exhibition at Berlin's Galerie Minimal

20.08.2019 • “If an image leaves someone feeling a little bit uneasy, then I feel like that is a successful photograph,” says Natalie Christensen, named by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts as one of the “Ten Photographers to Watch”. Following exhibitions in London, New York and Los Angeles, the American photographer and psychotherapist now presents 'The Deconstructed Self' at Galerie Minimal in Berlin.

She finds her motifs in the banal scenes of the periphery of the American Southwest. Fascinated by the unmistakable light and crystal clear air, she composes photographs of suburban everyday life whose symbolism penetrates deeply into the subconscious.

The photographer on her series: “In 2014, I moved from the state of Kentucky to Santa Fe, New Mexico, leaving my lifelong home and my 25-year career as a psychotherapist behind. While it was an exciting moment it was also a time of questioning and reflection.

Like many artists who have come to New Mexico, I was immediately drawn to the distinctive Southwestern light. The beauty of the natural environment is evident to most people;...

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Art • On display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for a few more days is 'Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams' – a recommendation by fashion photographer Andreas Ortner for you on GoSee

20.08.2019 • The largest exhibition in the UK on fashion house Dior is on display only a few more days following its opening at V&A in February. It presents more than 200 rare, haute couture items from 1947 to the present day, including couture dresses worn by Princess Margaret and Jennifer Lawrence. Fashion photographer and GoSee member ANDREAS ORTNER jetted to London between his productions to take a look at the epic exhibition. “We went to London for 24 hours to see the Dior exhibition, and it was absolutely worth it! Last year, I had the pleasure of shooting a Dior special at the Dior headquarters on 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris for Harper's Bazaar and have been a huge admirer of the brand and its history ever since!'

The exhibition ‘Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams’ also marks the largest fashion exhibition at the V&A since ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’ in 2015 and is the first of its kind on display in the new Sainsbury wing of the museum which was designed by Amanda Levete. Unfolding across eleven themes, this unique event invites visitors to immerse themselves inside...

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Art • TPG* New Talent, the group exhibition with eight artists selected for the TPG New Talent (TNT) mentoring program of The Photographers’ Gallery, London

14.08.2019 • Showing a range of approaches to both the medium and exhibition making, the artists selected for the first edition of TPG New Talent (TNT) present works which encompass the full spectrum of photographic practices today. From the experimental to the documentary, both the works and presentations test the capacity and materiality of the form, using found imagery, surface manipulation, collage and 3D processes to document contemporary stories through personal memories and collective myths.

On this year’s selected artists, Jim Goldberg, whose own work reflects long-term, in-depth collaborations with neglected, ignored, or otherwise outside-the-mainstream communities, commented: “I was wonderfully surprised and impressed by the scope of the work submitted for TPG New Talent, which offered a wide range of ambitious and thought provoking photography. The diversity of applicants and their working methodologies, mediums, and materials gave me hope that artists are certainly not running out of ideas on how to represent the world – and their places within it – any time soon. I look...

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Art • Robert Benjamin 'River Walking' – poetic photographs and poetry spanning 40 years as an exhibition at Light Work in New York

17.07.2019 • “I think you have to love your life, and you have to have the courage to find the world beautiful,” says poet and photographer Benjamin Robert, who is presenting poems and photographs spanning 40 years in the exhibition 'River Walking' at Light Work in New York, still on through the end of July.

'Light Work is pleased to present Robert Benjamin’s River Walking, a solo exhibition of photographs and poems spanning four decades. A self-taught photographer and poet, Benjamin’s work, often centered around his family, offers a simple and honest consideration of what it means to live and to love with intention. Enchanted by color and the beauty of photography itself, Benjamin uncovers poetry in the everyday.

Benjamin never wanted a career in photography. He simply felt that he needed to take pictures. According to Benjamin, one of the great joys of being a photographer is working with cameras. He appreciates the elegance of mechanical objects deeply – their feel, their smell, their sound. Cameras are “exquisite little machines” – like typewriters, he says. Benjamin has been...

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Art • GoSee loves ... 'The Bird in Borrowed Feathers' - Hellen van Meene enchants London with her sensitive portraits in James Freeman Gallery

17.07.2019 • “To make a great portrait, you simply have to concentrate on what’s in front of you. Find the perfect light. Focus on the models. Say the right things and make your models relax. This is a formula that has never changed…” says the Dutch photographer in an interview on her portrait photos. A selection of her portraits of women is now on display in the James Freeman Gallery in London.

'We are pleased to present ‘The Bird in Borrowed Feathers’, a solo exhibition for Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene. This will be Hellen’s first solo exhibition in London since 2008 and will place new works in context with a number of pieces from the past decade.

Hellen van Meene is renowned worldwide for her distinctive photographic approach. Working in analogue and principally in small format, she focuses on the experiences of young people at the stage between adolescence and adulthood. It is a fragile space, full of uncertainty, and riven with the anxieties of change. Hellen finds glimpses into these intimate inner worlds and brings their fragility to light in ways that are sometimes...

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