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EDITORIAL Jakub David photographs fashion for VOGUE Portugal, and at his side were the production pros from WINTELER PRODUCTION

03.08.2022 • Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” – Jakub David photographed model Julia Hanczewska for VOGUE Portugal. Responsible once again for production of the editorials was WINTELER PRODUCTION. Vogue is the worldwide number one fashion magazine and a flagship product of the Condé Nast empire. Its first issue was published more than 120 years ago.

WINTELER PRODUCTION : “Vogue Portugal is not merely a women’s magazine, fashion magazine or lifestyle magazine, it’s all of these things combined and more, with a special touch and, above all, it’s a publication that speaks to the heart.”

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” is a quote from

VOGUE Portugal : “The words of Henry David Thoreau could be our own. The sentence can be found in Walden (1854) and refers to how a celebration of abundant wealth and food fails to satisfy a hunger for sincerity. Which is why the following pages show a natural immeasurability, free of all artificialities, in a symbiosis between the wardrobe and the planet. Because nothing is more honest than the world in its...

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EDITORIAL Caroline Lauffenburger photographs model Lebone Sebolai for ELLE Serbia – a fashion editorial produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION

01.08.2022 • ‘Into The Wild’ is the title of the fashion editorial with model Lebone Sebolai in lead role. The beauty from Cape Town, whose career began at the age of fifteen, was styled by Danica van der Veen. The spread was produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION.

ELLE is the world’s largest fashion magazine, with 43 international editions in over 60 countries. Subscriptions account for 73 percent of readers. There are 33 Elle websites worldwide, which collectively attract over 25 million unique visitors and 370 million page views per month. The magazine reaches over 69 million readers. See the complete spread on the producer’s website.

GoSee : winteler-production.com

PHOTOGRAPHER Caroline Lauffenburger
STYLING Danica van der Veen
HAIR & MAKEUP Sarah Se Whiteside
MODEL Lebone Sebolai
PRODUCTION Winteler Production

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EDITORIAL ‘SALTY SEAS’ – model Theresa Ganner in LOVESOME MAG, photographed by Robert GRISCHEK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN

28.07.2022 • Fly fishing, the once royal pastime between sport and meditation, is what the fashion editorial ‘SALTY SEAS’ by Robert GRISCHEK c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for LOVESOME MAG is all about.

Styling was taken care of by Seraphine de Lima. Theresa Ganner c/o Her Management is clad in fashion from Iris von Arnim, Maison Margiela Vintage, Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney, Isabel Marant and Moncler as well as earrings by jewelry designer Monica Camperi from Hamburg – plus fly fishing tackle from KFT Flyfishing.

Fly fishing has become younger, more attractive and more feminine – and is above all a fashion trend today. And you don’t even have to fly halfway around the world to do it.

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EDITORIAL ELLE, BUNTE, INSTYLE – summer beauty, elegant flacons and arrangements by still life specialist Andreas ACHMANN c/o KRISTINA KORB

26.07.2022 • Andreas ACHMANN c/o KRISTINA KORB realized editorials for INSTYLE, ELLE and BUNTE. With Eva Jost, Beauty Director of InStyle, and Senior Beauty Editor Lisa Luftikus Leinweber, he staged flacons full of atmosphere with a summery look & feel. For BUNTE, he photographed makeup and nail polish from Hermes, Gucci & Co.

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