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Events • ART DIRECTOR, BOOKER, PHOTO EDITOR ... – Discover these and more treasures on the GOSEE JOB MARKET in the form of your creative dream job

19.05.2020 • COVID-19 has truly been a creative muzzle. Many of our friends were sent home from one day to the next with a plausible explanation... but still without knowing what would happen afterwards. Now, people don’t just turn into thin air – they reorganize. They get up, brush off the dust from sitting at home and look for a new challenge. And we’re here to help... even though the jobs on the GOSEE JOB MARKET are still a bit few and far between in this middle-of-Covid era. But you have to start somewhere. (

Which is why we would love to promote a lot more JOBS – if you are personally looking for support, post your JOB here:

And if you know someone who is looking, recommend us. Did we mention? It’s absolutely free of charge. Register now:

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Events • GoSeeFLOW – post your NEWS, PORTFOLIOS or BLOGS in GoSeeFLOW using your cell phone

18.05.2020 • You can now get in touch with us directly using your CELL PHONE: That means – if you already have a free GoSeeACCOUNT – you can send us PORTFOLIOS, BLOGS or NEWS going to your computer. Register your account* free of charge here:

Everything that is posted appears in our chronological FLOW. Without ads and exclusively by creatives who have been previously verified by GoSee. And we think the best part is: You can personalize your FLOW. Thanks to our TAGS, you can configure it to only display the areas that interest you most – according to CATEGORY and LOCATION. You can change or optimize your settings at any time. A particularly valuable tool, in our opinion, are TAGS such as ART or EVENT.

The FLOW system is completely organic, which means that we constantly continue to program and optimize it. So if you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback for us – feel free to tell us what you think by sending an email to

*GoSee reserves the right to activate the ACCOUNT. GoSee is a CREATIVE PLATFORM. Therefore, only creatives (agencies, brands, freelancers...

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Events • TOBIAS BOSCH presents you the All Photographers Project : #happyplace on GoSee

02.05.2020 • Over the past couple of weeks, a lot of things have been new and different for all of us. Including where we work. Instead of being on the go as usual, we all had to get used to working at home. And we all looked for new comfort zones. Tobias Bosch asked his photographers about where they are personally happy – their #happyplaces.

The result was a spontaneous series of motifs and self-portraits – all as different as they are personal. Read all about it in the interview on

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Events • SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : Shotview founder Kozva Rigaud on how the current crisis is affecting the photography business – listen to the Podcast on Spotify

22.04.2020 • First of all: Kozva hopes you are all safe & healthy and sends you lots of love. And if you do have a second, take a look at SHOTVIEW founder KOZVA RIGAUD’s interview podcast with PREVIIEW on how the current Corona crisis is affecting the photography industry. Here’s the link to the interview:

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Events • ‘In Recent Years’ – Alex KILIAN c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographs the Exhibition by artist Bettina Pousttchi in the Berlinische Galerie for Ignant, on display through 17 August, 2020

20.04.2020 • The exhibition by Bettina Pousttchi ‘In Recent Years’ deals with the topic of synchronicity of global realities and examines them from new perspectives. Photographer Alex KILIAN c/o FREDA+WOOLF staged Bettina in this environment.

The BERLINISCHE GALERIE on the artist: “Bettina Pousttchi works at the intersection between sculpture, photography and architecture. Her site-specific photographic interventions adopt an architectural scale, often taking up whole walls of buildings and referencing the urban or historical context of a place.”

About – Bettina Pousttchi was born in Mainz in 1971. She studied at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf and completed the Whitney Independent Study Program in New York. She gained widespread recognition for her photographic installation “Echo” (2009/2010) on the façade of the Temporäre Kunsthalle in Berlin and for the “World Time Clock” (2008–2016), a major series of photographs from around the world. In it, the artist composes a philosophically thoughtful image of synchronicity and depicts a globalized reality uncoupled from time and space. Bettina...

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