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‘Back in the Island’ – the emotional journey of an artist featuring Amanda Valle has been selected in over twenty international film festivals, taking home Berlin Commercial’s New Generation Award


Back in the Island - The Emotional Journey of an Artist

Director: Amanda Valle
DOP: Elvis Urbae
Editing: Elvis Urbae

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‘Back in Island’ is a short film exploring the creative journey of artist Amanda Valle as she returns to her home in the Dominican Republic. Following an emotionally draining period, Amanda seeks comfort in the local culture by immersing herself in the colors and textures which were once so familiar. A journey of self-discovery, the short film became the main source of inspiration for the artist’s new series composed of twelve paintings.

Amanda Valle was born in 1984 in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. The only daughter of a single mother, she spent most of her early years at home. Living an ordinary and settled life on the surface, Amanda filled her time by drawing the worlds and colors alive in her mind, with views from the window becoming the first muses for her self-expression. 

Amanda later left the island and moved to the US. This eventually led to her participation in several events, including Art Basel Miami 2017 and Salone del Mobile Milan 2018 (Nilufar Gallery). Since 2019, she has been living and commuting between the Dominican Republic and Miami, dedicating her time to painting and art experimentation. She is represented by Galerie Molin Corvo in Paris, France.

‘Back in the Island’ has been selected in over twenty international film festivals, including the Aesthetica Short Film Festival, the Fine Arts Film Festival, and the Split Videoart Festival, taking home Berlin Commercial’s New Generation Award.

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