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UPDATE-24-BERLIN on two whole days – the idea behind it explained by founder Cyrus C. Halabian on GoSee.News

UPDATE is considered the largest and longest-running B2B get-together for photo agencies, production companies, HMS agencies, post production, illustration, … and meanwhile also more and more for film.

In 2024, the event is taking place on two whole days : Thursday and Friday, 18+19 April, 2024, at Berlin’s Telegraphenamt.

Why two days? “There are in fact a number of reasons… For one, we wanted to take the pressure out of the event time-wise. After all, things did get pretty tight trying to fit everything into just one day. Secondly, some art buyers just couldn’t make it on that day. Now, visitors can consider coming on Thursday or Friday – or even both. The same goes for exhibitors.” Cyrus C. Halabian, founder of GoSee + UPDATE.

Basically, both days are exciting. On Thursday, the main focus will be as always on creation, art buying and direct clients as visitors. I must add though that, from the beginning, photographers represented by an exhibitor have also been able to attend on this ‘stricter’ day – and have done so quite gladly. That, of course, won’t change in 2024.

Friday is now also open to photographers and other solo artists who register through our GoSee PR office. The idea behind it : to give exhibiting HMS agencies, production companies, post-producers, … a chance to contact creatives directly here, too. They’re all potential clients in the end. Many photographers and stylists work on the client side today as CDs, consultants, fashion editors, … the boundaries are meanwhile simply much more fluid than they were ten years ago.

One more good reason for two days : acquiring new clients is becoming more time-consuming and difficult. Exhibitors can now schedule meetings even more conveniently for during the event, before or after.

Thanks to UPDATE, Berlin is a hotspot during this time for meetings, side events, networking … and two days simply give you a bit more leeway to organize and not to mention – get inspired!

If you are interested in coming as an exhibitor – feel free to contact Cyrus directly. You can book a video call with him using the new GoSee EXPERT service.

GoSee.EXPERT is a B2B video call service with several benefits. The caller can select a creative via GoSee as the EXPERT they would like to speak with – even without knowing them personally. Have your portfolio viewed, discuss a project or budget, research locations, … all directly with an EXPERT. Just book one of their 30-minute video call time slots.

As a thank you, the EXPERT receives a small fee in return for the consultation. The amount is determined by the EXPERT alone – GoSee.EXPERT recommends € 50 for 30 minutes. 

Further great benefits : calls can be recorded and watched again later when you have time. Both caller and expert can take notes during the conversation using the app. And GoSee.EXPERT archives all calls so that you can access your call history in your account at any time.

GoSee.EXPERT respects the privacy of EXPERTS : telephone numbers or email addresses are never disclosed, and the video call takes place in a private space on GoSee. Invoicing, payment, expert remuneration – it’s all fully automated.

GoSee : UPDATE.Salon & GoSee.EXPERT



UPDATE-24-BERLIN - We hope to see you in Berlin !

UPDATE-24-BERLIN - We hope to see you in Berlin !

About this artwork: Visit UPDATE-24-BERLIN - for all creatives the entrance is for free. CD, AD, Fashion Editor, Art Buyer, Art Producer ..... come and meet our...