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Events • Richard Curtis to create a film for Extinction Rebellion, demanding from Governments #WhereIsYourPlan – photos and film by Jordan ROSSI c/o RANKIN

10.02.2020 • RANKIN joins forces with Richard Curtis* to create a film for Extinction Rebellion, demanding from Governments #WhereIsYourPlan. As general election season begins and marking six months since the UK Parliament declared an environment and climate emergency, Extinction Rebellion – which has just celebrated its first anniversary – is releasing a short film calling for everyone to demand their government’s plan to address the crisis ... #WhereIsYourPlan.

Through voices representing a lifetime, aged 8 to 80, the film demands that leaders around the world act on the climate and ecological emergency, including stopping the destruction of our forests, our oceans and our wildlife, reducing carbon emissions to zero as a matter of urgency, and investing in a green economy. The concept behind this globally significant film – presenting the demands of the climate movement and extinction revolution – was developed by filmmaker Richard Curtis, and refined, shot and produced by RANKIN, an agency headed up by the British photographer and cultural provocateur of its namesake.

But the high-profile...

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Events • Our Climate, Our Problem – the short film produced in cooperation with Extinction Rebellion and Amazon Watch entitled Guardians of Life by Director Shaun Monson and featuring environmental activist Joaquin Phoenix for you on GoSee

07.02.2020 • The short film entitled Guardians of Life is kicking off worldwide right now across all platforms to make viewers aware of the website

We learn from the press release: “XR created a script for a punchy two-minute film in Los Angeles last October which will be released today globally before the Oscars and was directed by Shaun Monson, featuring Joaquin Phoenix, Rosario Dawson, Oona Chaplin, Adria Arjona, Albert Hammond , Q'orianka Kilcher, and Matthew Modine.

The film resulted from a collaboration between Extinction Rebellion and the advocacy group Amazon Watch. The short film marks the beginning of a new outreach strategy aimed at engaging a broader public and getting viewers to participate on a more visceral level with emotions and topics related to the climate and ecological emergency (CEE).

Moving forward, it is likely that other A-listers will take part in further short films dealing with different aspects of the CEE such as species extinction. This could be the first significant step in Hollywood tangibly dealing with the threats we face globally.”

This film...

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Events • GOSEE EVENT : Now is the time to come together and build a better world... Extinction Rebellion comes to VAULT Festival as part of a packed programme of climate-related shows – save the date: 22 February 2020

04.02.2020 • Extinction Rebellion, Restless Development and Staging Change will partner with VAULT Festival for a new ‘Time for Change’ venue, an installation open throughout the festival to inspire festivalgoers to demand change for people and the planet. Extinction Underground (Saturday 22 Feb 10.30pm – 3.00am) is an interactive and immersive late-night underground playground celebrating and showcasing the unstoppable creativity and community of Extinction Rebellion and the wider climate movement.

Beneath the streets of London, more than 80 artists, performers, radicals, headlining music acts, luminaries, and gardeners of the human spirit will come together with vital acts of co-creation, artistic expression, connection to the planet and one another: acts of celebration, grief, love, transformation, and resilience.
Dance, play, create, and discover first hand the booming community behind the disruptive actions that draw attention to the climate and ecological emergency, and how artists and rebels are responding to our unprecedented times.

Extinction Underground: “It may feel like the end of...

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Events • ‘We Are the Process’ - DUMONT PROCESS books ARTMOS4 for graffiti in their own office complex

03.02.2020 • ARTMOS4 was booked by the agency DUMONT PROCESS for graffiti in an office complex. Topics included a skyline with Berlin attractions and an integrated caption “We are the Process”. DuMont Process develops tailor-made quality management solutions for customer dialogue.

Marcus c/o ARTMOS4 tells GoSee: “It was a cool idea: They made space on a surface, and the employees were excited to leave their handprints on it. A great example of successful team building.” We have a motif for you on GoSee.

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Events • ‘Ride all day with one single ticket’ - Murat ASLAN c/o UPFRONT photographed the cooperation campaign of Deutsche Umwelthilfe with the BVG as well as the EIZO campaign

21.01.2020 • For Jung von Matt, Murat ASLAN c/o UPFRONT photographed the cooperation campaign of BVG with DEUTSCHE UMWELTHILFE. On Sunday, 22 September 2019, people were called upon in cities worldwide to “Leave the car parked!”. In order to get as many citizens of Berlin to participate in the car-free day, Deutsche Umwelthilfe and BVG came up with something special: With only one single ticket, passengers could ride busses and trains throughout the German capital all day long.

He teamed up with BUTTER Düsseldorf to realize the new EIZO campaign. We have three motifs from Murat’s selection for you.

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