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FASHION KADEWE commercial with hair & makeup artist Liset GARZA c/o NINA KLEIN (Director: IAKOVOS KALAITZAKIS c/o SHOTVIEW)

28.06.2022 • Liset GARZA c/o NINA KLEIN is now represented by NINA KLEIN and was just in charge of beauty in a production for KADEWE, which we are delighted to present you here on GoSee.

Liset is known above all for her bold and colorful looks laced with subtle details at the interface of art and design. Her friendly, approachable nature and her constant pursuit of inspiration make her a particularly creative addition to any team.

From her earliest years growing up in Southern California, Liset has had a passion for makeup. Whether sneaking into her mother’s room to watch her put on makeup, begging her to buy her first Vogue magazine, her childhood love for fashion and makeup has only grown stronger.

Gravitating towards the fashion industry, she made the move from Los Angeles to New York City and immediately immersed herself in the world of assisting renowned makeup artists and testing her skills with up-and-coming photographers.

Her three biggest influences in the makeup world are Dick Page, Val Garland and Lottie. The pairing of these great mentors along with her versatile skill set creates...

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FASHION The NODALETO bridal shoe 2022 campaign photographed in Los Angeles and produced by TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION

27.06.2022 • French fashion photographer Hugo Comte, not least known for his artwork for superstar Dua Lipa, stood behind the camera for glamorous bridal shoes from NODALETO. Julia Toledano, daughter of the Chairman and CEO of LVMH Fashion Group Sidney Toledano, founded the shoe brand Nodaleto with a business partner. The brand name is derived from her last name, Toledano, and is intended to highlight her close connection with the label.

The campaign was produced in spring ‘22 with New Zealand model Stella Maxwell, ex-love interest of Hollywood belle Kristen Stewart, by TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION. Styling: Georgia Pendlebury.

“Nodaleto has a lot of meanings for me. But let’s start from the beginning. Nodaleto is an anagram of my last name, Toledano. I really wanted to put my legacy into the brand – a mix of my Mediterranean cultural heritage and how I grew up combined with a fashion education in Paris and my own vision for the design. Nodaleto is a lot of spontaneity, a child’s dream that I always had in my head.” Julia Toledano

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FASHION Bill Kaulitz for MAC COSMETICS with styling by Tomislav BLAIC c/o NINA KLEIN plus styling for CATRICE and AD for CLOSED

25.06.2022 • “I always wanted to be different than everybody else. Looks that are unique, personally chosen, rebellious and courageous,” says Bill Kaulitz, testimonial of the latest MAC COSMETICS campaign. The entertainer was styled by Tomislav BLAIC c/o NINA KLEIN (photos: Kari Sverriss).

Hamburg-based stylist Tomislav BLAIC c/o NINA KLEIN was also in charge on set for the perfect makeup and matching looks for CATRICE (photos: Armin Morbach) and took care of art direction of a fashion production for CLOSED.

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FASHION MYTHERESA presents DRIES VAN NOTEN and LE GER with beauty support from Benjamin BECHER c/o NINA KLEIN

24.06.2022 • Benjamin BECHER c/o NINA KLEIN took care of hair & makeup for MYTHERESA, presenting the new collection from DRIES VAN NOTEN. Plus, Benjamin was in charge of the fresh new beauty looks for the Spring/Summer collection ‘SAUDADE’ of the label LE GER by designer and model Lena Gercke (photos: Walter Pierre).

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FASHION THE FEMALE COMPANY together with Stefanie Giesinger, Ines Anioli & QR codes against domestic abuse – campaign by Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP

23.06.2022 • THE FEMALE COMPANY is known for its provocative marketing campaigns aimed at destigmatizing the period. The start-up has now launched period underwear with a QR code sewn into them designed to help victims of sexual abuse. Stephie BRAUN c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP photographed female empowerment activist and model Stefanie Giesinger together with comedienne and podcaster Ines Anioli for it.

With the ‘Extra Protection’ product, The Female Company would like to raise awareness about domestic abuse. The QR code sewn into the period underwear leads to a website with support services for those affected by physical or mental abuse.

Aline Schmid, Senior Brand Marketing Manager at The Female Company, on the cooperation with Grey: “It was clear from the first day of the collaboration that we not only wanted to conceive a statement together but offer real help for those affected as well as information across all channels. We are even prouder that we are now shedding light on a topic that most people try not to see.”

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