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FASHION Life is better on the beach … – James HARVEY-KELLY c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographs the OYSHO Beachwear campaign

31.05.2022 • The label OYSHO, founded in 1977, belongs to the Spanish Inditex Group steeped in success. Oysho stands for casual fashion with an extra portion of feel-good character. The brand known not least of all for its women’s lingerie has 650 shops in more than 44 countries around the globe, including 190 in Spain.

James HARVEY-KELLY c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed the latest OYSHO Beachwear campaign.

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31.05.2022 • SACHA TASSILO HOECHSTETTER photographed for BRATFISCH under the creative direction of UCM Publishing. The traditional, owner-managed fashion house Bratfisch is based in Giessen and has been a family business since 1911. On 500 m2, Bratfisch offers three floors of high-quality fashion from well-known labels .

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FASHION Théo GOSSELIN c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographs the latest looks for hip men’s fashion label OCTOBRE EDITIONS – where else but in Paris

18.05.2022 • The men’s fashion label OCTOBRE EDITIONS is the brother brand of its feminine counterpart Sézane, founded in 2013 by Morgane Sézalory. There are currently three collections for men each year, contrary to the monthly looks for the ladies.

Théo GOSSELIN c/o LGA MANAGEMENT photographed the latest looks for OCTOBRE EDITIONS – where else but in Paris.

OCTOBRE EDITIONS : “The idea was simple: to get back to the basics of menswear, the distinctive pieces that are always needed and that we take pleasure in rediscovering year after year, the pieces we live with, that stand the test of time – for us each piece has a history. Taking the time to design and create these clothes was essential, so we present them patiently, unveiling them in the e-shop, at the atelier, at the Bon Marché corner, and in our corners in the Sézane Apartments.”

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FASHION ‘Days of Glory’ – TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION produces the ERL F/W ‘22 LOOKBOOK for jack of all trades Eli Russell Linnetz

17.05.2022 • The label ERL is the multimedia project of Eli Russell Linnetz and doesn’t make clothing in a conventional sense. Its creations are often untrendy, so steeped in vintage American looks that they elegantly come full circle right back to the zeitgeist.

Designer Eli Russell Linnetz is what one might refer to as a wunderkind, or child prodigy. ssense writes about him : “Linnetz’s resume is, certainly, incredible. He directed Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ and ‘Fade’ music videos (and sat in that meeting with President Trump). Designed the set for Lady Gaga’s Enigma tour. Devised and shot all of the Kardashian-West family Polaroids. Worked for David Mamet and Woody Allen. Produced music for Teyana Taylor, Kid Cudi, and Kanye West. Did graphic design for Comme des Garçons. Sang opera at a college level. Voiced a character in The Emperor’s New Groove.”

The brand was shortlisted for the LVMH Prize 2022 and already has plenty of fans worldwide to show for. Eli Russell Linnetz photographed the ERL lookbook with the support of the production pros from TIGHTROPE PRODUCTION.

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FASHION BOBO CHOSES kidswear with cool looks by photographer Anouk NITSCHE c/o FREDA+WOOLF

16.05.2022 • Anouk NITSCHE c/o FREDA+WOOLF photographed Vita Thorpe and Baby Lu for BOBO CHOSES (AD & styling: Mafer Navas, production: Fantastic Mr Nilsson). The Spanish brand BOBO CHOSES presents a children’s collection which is filled with life through playful graphics and soft colors. The brand is also socially active as the initiator of the project Act Social, and ten percent of its profits are invested in a sewing school in Bangladesh.

If you go around Barcelona on a weekday morning, you will probably find Vita Thorpe on a walk with her six-month baby, Lu. The cook left the small Texas town where she grew up about twelve years ago, crossed the ocean and began her motherhood and traveling journey in the sunny Mediterranean, where she also started her own culinary project, Bistrot Levante, full of inspiration…”

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