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ADVERTISING ‘Believe in Your Magic- HALLOWEEN PERFUMES campaign by beauty photographer & director FERNANDO GÓMEZ c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

23.05.2024 • FERNANDO GÓMEZ c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS presents us his new campaign for HALLOWEEN PERFUMES. Creative Director was Maria Lanuza Aguilera (production: Ten Agency).

'The slogan of the campaign is BELIEVE IN YOUR MAGIC. The campaign is created around the magical moment of an eclipse. A magical moment bestowed upon us by nature, an eclipse is impossible to ignore. Similarly, one cannot overlook someone who undergoes transformation, revealing their inner magic. The eclipse also symbolizes a crucial element for the brand: duality. It represents the convergence of the sun and the moon, daylight merging seamlessly with nightfall. Halloween embodies this duality—it thrives during the day and night, in summer yet hinting at winter's chill. It exists in both brightness and shadow. Much like an eclipse, Halloween epitomizes duality,' Maria Lanuza Aguilera about the campaign.

Born in 1997, HALLOWEEN eau de toilette is an icon that bears magic, a magical elixir that has captivated generations with a variety of fragrance creations – sweeping women and men away with its thrilling allure....

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22.05.2024 • On commission for Heimat/TBWA, MATTEO ROLFI c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS photographed the latest TEEKANNE Summer OOH campaign in a palette of vivid colors. On set were Teekanne Marketing Manager Carolin Ohle and Art Director Alexander Aussem, with food styling in the hands of Olivia E Bennett.

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ADVERTISING Silky enchantments by SENSAI - S/S campaign with stills & moving images by Matteo ROLFI c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS for the agency Inhalt und Form

22.05.2024 • Commissioned by Zurich-based agency Inhalt und Form, Matteo ROLFI c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS realized the Spring/Summer campaign for SENSAI. The videos focus on aesthetic textures as well as the application and wide variety of exclusive cosmetic products, demonstrating just how Sensai combines elegance and naturalness.

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ILLUSTRATION TIGER CRYSTAL BEER campaign with character studies by New York-based illustrator KERVIN BRISSEAUX c/o B&A REPS GERMANY for Studio Colossal Brazil

21.05.2024 • Kervin BRISSEAUX is a designer, illustrator and design director based in New York. His style is marked by a love of architecture, comics and pop culture. In his typical signature, he created character studies for the ‘Brewed for Your Life’ campaign of TIGER CRYSTAL BEER on commission for the animation specialists from Studio Colossal Brazil for BBH Singapore. Here are further details of the project.

“Kervin Brisseaux is an artist based in NYC. Kervin is a proud first-generation Haitian-American whose illustration style incorporates influences from fashion, music, and other facets of pop culture. He previously held the position of design director at Vault49, a world-renowned brand design agency in New York and London. While at Vault, he spent 8.5 years developing creative solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands, including Diageo, Pepsi, and Uniqlo. Today, he works as a freelance artist, partnering with clients across a variety of industries, including Adobe, New Balance, EA Sports, Nickelodeon, MTV, ESPN, and more.”

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FILM 70SEVEN stages the new collection for Hamburg-based furniture label MORE : OSO - furniture with a room presence, designed by Peter Fehrentz

21.05.2024 • Peter FEHRENTZ c/o 70SEVEN not only designed the new collection for MORE furniture, he also staged it to perfection in utter elegance – as stylist, photographer, and director – all in one.

The penthouse on the 15th floor of a Swiss office building in Antwerp was as unique as promised, but the furniture from MORE just didn’t shine there in its full splendor. A minor setback solved as quickly as it had arisen: the furniture was adapted to its environment. An exciting challenge, of course, for Peter Fehrentz, which also marked the beginning of the new OSO collection, comprised of a table, a desk, chair and armchair.

At OSO, apparent opposites are aesthetically united : for furniture that is equally cozy and elegant, heavy but still seemingly levitating, opulent and purist. Each piece is marked by an individual, yet harmonious appearance, both as a stand-alone or part of an ensemble.

In 1993, Bernhard Müller founded his company MORE in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. With its sights, from the very beginning, set on the respectful use of resources. MORE presented its latest innovations a short while...

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