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Photographers • Two Days in the Desert – Director and Photographer PATRICK CURTET presents you two transportation short films and a behind-the-scenes video on GoSee

21.02.2020 • Stop talking and act... Push the limit, follow your dreams. All of us have spent long evenings discussing dream projects, but sometimes you have to kick yourself in the butt and get into action mode. That’s precisely what PATRICK CURTET did recently in California.

He got a lot of talented friends boiling to jump on fun and exciting projects. What is the essence of fun? What raw ingredients do you you need to get the excitement bubbling...? A bike, a car and an endless landscape – with people nowhere to be seen. ‘The Chase’ and ‘Release’: the two short films presented here are personal projects directed by Patrick Curtet.

‘Release’ features Niki Smart, chief designer at GM for 20 years and a British car designer, known for leading the Ariel Atom project and for his Cadillac concept car design as design manager for the General Motors Advanced Design team in Los Angeles, California. He has also developed his own bike over the last decade: Niki Smart recently unveiled an award-winning motorcycle design, the ABC 500. On its debut at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in 2019, it took first...

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Photographers • MARCUS PHILIPP SAUER : for the new VW T-CROSS and the agency DENTSU in Shanghai; we have the 28-second film for you on GoSee

21.02.2020 • For the new VW T Cross, transportation specialist MARCUS P. SAUER and his team had the honor of realizing a production in the cosmopolitain city of Shanghai, for which the photographer was commissioned by Shanghai-based agency Dentsu.

“The idea was to make a lasting creative, editorial impression, with a focus on emotions rather than on informal automotive know-how...” the photographer tells GoSee. We bring you the content side of the production, compiled in a 28-second film.

The T-Cross, the smallest VW SUV, is also manufactured, besides Pamplona in Spain, also in Anting (China) and Curitiba (Brazil) – the three regions of the world in which the compact SUV segment is set to double in the next ten years, according to VOLKSWAGEN. With the T-Cross, Volkswagen introduces yet another SUV model: it’s even shorter, making it better suited for driving in the city than the T-Roc, and more compact than the Tiguan. GoSee:

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Illustration • Hello, Savants! c/o ANDREA HEBERGER with an animation on the topic of: "a Journey to modernized IT" for HPE POINTNEXT SERVICES

17.02.2020 • The brief was to tell the story of a journey to modernized IT. A transformation that can be intimidating but can be embraced without fear by those with the right know-how. Hello, Savants! c/o ANDREA HEBERGER is a collective of long-time Friends with divers and complementary skills and is based in Amsterdam.

HPE POINTNEXT SERVICES stands for expertise in the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies. HPE: “Which IT challenges make it difficult for your company to keep up with the business pace? If you don’t adapt to new sources of data, new business models and new threats, you cannot survive. Digital transformation is about remaining flexible – and being one step ahead of the times.” GoSee:

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Celebrity • A language of her own - the film portrait of dancer and choreographer KIANI DEL VALLE by Director Maximilian MOTEL c/o SEVERIN WENDELER on GoSee

13.02.2020 • Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Kiani del Valle has danced for a variety of dance companies and learned in schools including Balleteatro de Nana Hudo PR, Ballet de San Juan PR, Andanza PR, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater NYC, RASTRO Dance Company NYC, Sasha Waltz Guest Berlin, Matanicola Berlin, or even Costa Compagnie. We have the portrait of the Berlin resident dancer and choreographer by Maximilian MOTEL c/o SEVERIN WENDELER for you on GoSee.

About – Kiani del Valle’s work often discusses subjects of displacement, the colonized and de-colonized body and androgyny. Del Valle draws from collaboration between dance and different mediums, such as video, theater, music, visual art, and feature films. Her choreographic craft is formulated through authentic movement, character development and the disruption of classical dance structures and formations. GoSee:

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Fashion • ‘Free to Be’ - Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE consults and styles the ZALANDO ‘extranormal’ campaign

13.02.2020 • Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE consulted and styled for the ZALANDO extranormal campaign, creating four films and the corresponding print campaign, shot in the Netherlands.

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