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‘Make It A Martini Night’ – TANQUERAY No. TEN and actor & Martini connoisseur Stanley Tucci honor the popular cocktail in a digital campaign with production service by LS PRODUCTIONS for Anomaly NY


Tanqueray No. Ten with Stanley Tucci - Make it a Martini Night

Brand partner and cocktail connoisseur Stanley Tucci features in this new digital campaign for Tanqueray No. Ten - Make it a Martini Night.

Director: Daniel Iglesias Jr
DOP: Casey Stolberg
Client: Diageo
Production: Good Company
Advertising Agency: Anomaly
Producer: Abi Atkinson
Celebrity: Stanley Tucci
Executive Producer: Ryan Heiferman
Production Service: LS PRODUCTIONS

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In honor of the classic cocktail TANQUERAY No. TEN MARTINI, the agency Anomaly teamed up with Martini connoisseur and brand ambassador Stanley Tucci to celebrate ‘Make It A Martini Night’. The digital campaign spot ‘Tanqueray No. Ten – Make It A Martini Night’ presented here was directed by Daniel Iglesias Jr. for the client Diageo.

With Stanley Tucci – an American actor, film producer, director and, not least, cocktail connoisseur – Good Company and LS PRODUCTIONS produced in a luxurious ambiance because every truly good cocktail with class simply feels most at home in an exquisite bar ambiance late at night and in charming company.

The campaign by Anomaly New York debuted with two 15-second films which invite viewers into the modern, luxurious world of No. TEN and demonstrate the magic that unfolds when two timeless partners unite for the world’s most popular cocktail. Tanqueray and vermouth or Tanqueray and Tucci? Well, that’s up to you.

Emmy award-winning actor Stanley Tucci is appearing at the moment in the Netflix mini series ‘Inside Man’, in which he plays a criminologist and superbrain who magically solves cases from his prison cell – while waiting for the day of his execution.

And this is the mix : TANQUERAY Nº TEN GIN MARTINI – “Stir 50ml of Tanqueray Nº Ten Gin and 10ml Dry Vermouth together. Strain into a chilled silver martini cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist of pink grapefruit.” Voila ! All you need : Tanqueray Nº Ten gin, dry vermouth, pink grapefruit… and a Martini glass is, of course, a must. Cheers from afar !

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Director Daniel Iglesias Jr.
DOP Casey Stolberg
Client Diageo
Production Good Company
Advertising Agency Anomaly
Producer Abi Atkinson
Celebrity Stanley Tucci
Executive Producer Ryan Heiferman
Production Service