07.09.2023  •  Film NEWS


Monet192 ‘No Heart’ with a thrilling music video by VINSLEY c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP on GoSee

New at BOSCHTOBANRAP is Director VINSLEY from Berlin. In his directorial work, he has created a music video marked by strong storytelling for the musician Monet192, aka Karim Russo from St. Gallen, Switzerland – that mesmerizes the senses and evokes deep emotion (production: Silkrock).

Plus, we present you further works from VINSLEY’s portfolio here on GoSee.
“I remember my childhood and how certain images impressed me. It has always fascinated me how pictures can touch people’s hearts without needing many words. I enjoyed observing, understanding, and analyzing the works of artists. During my business studies, my interest in photography began. I wanted to create images for my own fashion label. Over time, my work was able to inspire and create pictures for other people as well. To express myself even more, I began making videos. After creating a short film, I discovered my passion as a director. It’s a wonderful experience to see how my work can touch others and bring them joy, inspiration, or make them think. Art is a universal language that connects us and allows us to express our emotions. It brings me happiness to know that through my work, I can have a positive impact on the lives of others.”

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