08.05.2024  •  Film NEWS


Who Gives A Crap? An eye-catching toilette paper commercial by photo & film duo CHROMA c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP on GoSee


CHROMA c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP more than toilet paper for whogivesacrap

Director: CHROMA Philipp & Tim c/o BOSCHtoBANRAP
Client: whogivesacrap
Production: Carolin Film
Art Director: Sophia Schach
Producer: Jonas Borgloh
Editing: Moritz Bastian / Farbfilm
Post Production: Lukas Remie
Styling: Luiza Helldörfer
Hair & Make-up: Floriam Fuchs
Set Design: Céline De Gennaro
Model: Robert Lindemann
Model2: Theresa Geissler
Model3: Mariama Jeng
Model4: Bình Minh Dào
Photographer: Eno De Wit
1. AC: Maik Hansen
2. Kamera: Dustin Janczewski
Exec. Producer: Jonas Boltze

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The CHROMA creative hub presents us their ‘More than a toilet paper’ commercial for WHO GIVES A CRAP here on GoSee.

Kick-started in 2012 with a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo, the former start-up and now full-fledged company produces TP for the whole world. And the cool thing about it : 50 % of profits are donated to help build toilettes and improve sanitation in developing countries.

"CHROMA was founded as a visual creative hub in Cologne by Philipp Romppel and Tim Pfeffer. Their skill set spans conception, directing, camerawork, editing, and photography. Tim and Philipp met in 2018 while working at a renowned film production company. Over the years that followed, they worked on countless projects as a directing/DOP duo until they both eventually took turns pursuing their own paths. What started out with sharing a desk has turned into the pursuit of a shared vision and values for the creation of visuals. Apart from their commercial work, Tim and Philipp are constantly busy developing and producing their own passion projects. Their work is focused on authenticity and the genuine. They believe in being open towards the unforeseen and creating an environment in which everyone can thrive."

GoSee : boschtobanrap.com