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FILM ‘Dancing in Paris’ – male model editorial & film by KAPTURING c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS for Fucking Young!

26.07.2022 • KAPTURING realized the spread ‘Dancing in Paris’ for Fucking Young! magazine with Ahmad Kontar in front of the camera. Styling was taken care of by Juan Camilo Rodríguez. The creative couple created the motifs along with a film (music: Hechizeros Band).

Photographer and filmmaker duo, Florian and Sebastian, are based in Europe and South America. It is beauty they believe in. They devote their aesthetic intuition and their personal vision to the pursuit of visual beauty. Artistic quality and visual pleasure are the guiding principles of their photography and video productions. For Kapturing, it has proved invaluably productive to work as a photographer duo as they serve as constant inspirations to each other, and this potentiates their artistic capabilities and leads to an efficient division of tasks in their daily work flow.

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FILM Toar AVNI, Visual Director & Set Designer, Hamburg, now at BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS and on GoSee with About You X Adidas X Lena Gercke

26.07.2022 • Birgit Stöver is delighted to welcome art and design expert Toar AVNI as a new member of her team. As Art Director and visual designer, the creative who resides in Hamburg has realized social media campaigns for NIVEA and Labello, has been in charge of art direction for TV spots for ABOUT YOU and has also worked for brands and magazines such as Schwarzkopf, Vogue, Fucking Young magazine, Adidas, DIOR or Hunkemöller. She is also well-versed in creative strategies, brand design, interior design and scenery.

Here on GoSee, we present you the commercial ABOUT YOU X ADIDAS X LENA GERCKE, for which she was in charge of creative direction and set design.

Toar Avni is a multidisciplinary designer, educated as an industrial designer at the Holon Institute of Technology. To express her ideas and make the entire team part of the production process, Toar uses different 3D and illustration programs to draw the construction plan, tell the story, and sketch the movements on set. As an industrial designer with a fashion and art focus, Toar has sound knowledge of function and materials which she...

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PHOTOGRAPHERS ‘I AM A WOMAN’ – the personal empowerment project by MARLYNE & PATRICK CURTET for you on GoSee.NEWS

20.07.2022 • We can hear them roar … the spread and the film to go with it, ‘I Am A Woman’ by Marlyne & Patrick Curtet, draws inspiration from the poem of the same name. ‘I Am A Woman’ was written and read by Kat Burns, aka KASHKA, a songwriter, artist and composer.

“WOMEN have always been at the heart of our work. We are passionate and dedicated to creating an environment that empowers WOMEN, amplifying their voices and creativity. Together, we will continue to push the boundaries and make impactful, meaningful projects.” Marlyne & Patrick Curtet.

Canadian musician Kat Burns was previously a songwriter and vocalist of the Forest City Lovers. She headed the folk-pop band Forest City Lovers from 2006 to 2012, releasing three albums and one vinyl single with the band. In 2010, she started her own project KASHKA and has already released two albums and a number of singles. Burns is also involved in the community organizations Girls Rock Camp Toronto and SKETCH.

GoSee : @therealkatburns & &

Photographer / Director: MP CURTET @mpcurtet
Storytelling / Art direction:...

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20.07.2022 • MATTEO LAI @ BASICS BERLIN was in charge of styling for the latest S. OLIVER LOVE NATURE LIMITED EDITION campaign. In front of the camera of Adriaan Louw stood Aksharaa Jandhyala and Oumie Jammeh for the shoot of the fashion film on the island of Tenerife. Responsible from the client was Jasmin-Isabelle Köhne, Director of Marketing & Communications at s.OLIVER.

With the collection, S.OLIVER underscores a more conscious use of resources: the exclusive styles made of cotton and linen with a reduced usage of dyes are dedicated to more sustainability. The focus of the collection is on natural colorways and undyed denim.

MATTEO LAI was born in 1983 in Italy. After studying Art and Fashion at the Rome University for Fine Arts, he first moved to London, then to Berlin, where he has been living and working ever since. His work is always reflected in the interaction between art and fashion, and ranges from a classic to a more experimental approach, particularly when it comes to editorial publications.

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FASHION ‘The Vocabulary of Fashion’ – ID special by stylist Saskia JUNG c/o NINA KLEIN and photographer Shauna Summers

20.07.2022 • Photographer Shauna Summers and stylist Saskia JUNG c/o NINA KLEIN explore the vocabulary of fashion for ID. Clothing must be multi-diverse to match all the various identities and roles we slip into, play and live out each day. Double bind is the term used by psychologists to describe the moment when a person in a communication situation sends contradictory signals through verbal expression and through their glances, physical gestures, facial expressions or tone of voice.

“These double bind messages can also be found in fashion,” Shauna Summers and Saskia Jung tell us. “We communicate constantly through our outward appearance and express who we want to be – even though that may differ sometimes from our actual personality… Using deep colors, oversized designs, patterns and wigs, we wanted to explore how our models Qaher and Adau can embody different personalities, while preserving their identity at the same time.”

Plus, we also present you a spread by Thomas Valtin on GoSee, for which Saskia JUNG took care of styling and Benjamin BECHER c/ NINA KLEIN was in charge of hair &...

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