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ILLUSTRATION ‘Stranger Things’ animation by SUGARBLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY for NETFLIX and the short film ‘Dark Room’ on GoSee

19.07.2022 • JSR Agency presents us the animated film by SUGARBLOOD here on GoSee for the successful series ‘Stranger Things’ on NETFLIX: “NETFLIX tasked six animators to reimagine the Stranger Morning Cartoons – six shorts that recreate scenes from the series in an animation as part of the launch of season 4. SugarBlood, aka Pedro Allevato, created his favorite scenes from the beginning of season 3 in ‘Scoops Ahoy’, when Dustin and Steve perform the crazy handshake and new character Robin, played by Maya Thurman Hawke, is introduced.

Pedro Allevato, aka Sugar Blood, is an award-winning director and motion artist based in London. He has a wealth of experience working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, visual storytelling with studios in Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver, and London.

Sugar Blood brings together extensive experience with elegant design, and obsession with beautiful movement – all driven by good storytelling. His unique style is defined by a seamless flirt between 2D, flat 3D animation and graphic design. He has worked with a wide range of companies and projects,...

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ADVERTISING ASTRA now also without the juice - Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL photographs and films for ASTRA Granate

19.07.2022 • The first Astra without the juice – non-alcoholic and packs a punch. With Astra Granate Energy 0.0%, the iconic brand from St. Pauli wants to shake up the non-alcoholic market. What’s in it? 50% beer with 0.0% alcohol and 50% refreshing drink with pomegranate flavor plus guarana, taurine and caffeine.

“Benne OCHS c/o EMEIS DEUBEL was on the job once again for iconic beer brand Astra. This time, the campaign aims to promote the brand’s non-alcoholic beverage Granate, which is flavored with pomegranate.” EMEIS DEUBEL.

“The non-alcoholic beer segment has grown steadily over the past ten years, recording a gain of almost 40% in market share from 2011 to 2021 (3.8% to 5.3%). The 0.0% beer mixes in particular have grown by a whopping 33.3% in volume over the past year, making them the driver of the non-alcoholic beer category.” we quote

“We wouldn’t be Astra if we brought out just any alcohol-free beer: For us, it’s always a bit louder, more colorful, more exciting and more over the top. There’s no place for a classic non-alcoholic beer,” says Svenja Wohlers, Senior...

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ADVERTISING ‘Mixing Up the Cocktail Market’ - KOPPARBERG ‘Stick or Twist’ campaign by Edmund FRASER c/o JSR AGENCY and Neverland Creative presents a fruity summer offer

19.07.2022 • Photographer and Director Edmund FRASER c/o JSR AGENCY was commissioned by KOPPARBERG and Neverland Creative to realize a series of energetic stills & motion for the ‘Stick or Twist’ campaign. The motifs can be seen across the UK on billboards, among other places, in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg UK, tells The Drum: “The Kopparberg Twist has totally flipped our approach to spirits on its head – we bring colorful and refreshing fruity flavor to our consumers’ world in an equally refreshing way.”

Simon Massey, Co-Founder of Neverland: “Solving a problem for Kopparberg and serving up something refreshing and delicious to the consumer from product to comms is in many ways the perfect project for Neverland.”

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FILM BETTY BARCLAY WILD FLOWER – the new TVC for the fragrance staged in a magical flowery meadow, produced by PALLADIUM FILM for advertising agency Ofenstein

13.07.2022 • These are the moments of magic, when we encounter the fleeting beauty of nature or the unexpected surprises that life has in store for us. BETTY BARCLAY Wild Flower whisks us away to a meadow bursting with wildflowers…

This year, PALLADIUM FILM has once again produced the TVC for BETTY BARCLAY, which was directed by IVO WEJGAARD. The dreamlike photos were captured by DOP PASCAL WALDER. Standing in front of the camera was Gabrielė Sodonytė from Ruta Models, and creative responsibility was as always in the hands of Munich-based agency OFENSTEIN (art buying: Anna Malmedie, producer: Zoé Grünberg, editing: Martina Losen, Junior Producer: Bea Winkler, Executive Producer: Knut Losen).

Just like a wildflower that seeks its own way to grow in places that others, and perhaps even itself, would never have imagined possible, the Betty Barclay Wild Flower fragrance inspires its wearers to go their own way, and to recognize their own magnificence – for true strength lies in imperfection and authenticity… The fragrance BETTY BARCLAY WILD FLOWER and its associated care products have been...

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ADVERTISING 'Work like a BOSCH' – three spots for the new BOSCH recruiting campaign by Director Tobi GROMATZKI c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN for you on GoSee.NEWS

13.07.2022 • “Looking for new challenges in the IoT area? Then you have to see our latest job offers in the Bosch Connected Industry. We are always in search of new colleagues in the areas of software development, sales, product and project management, training and much more.” says BOSCH.

The latest humorous recruiting campaign ‘Work #likeabosch’ is courtesy of Director Tobi GROMATZKI c/o SOLAR UND FOTOGRAFEN. Production was in the hands of Claas Cropp Creative Productions, with styling by Julia Neubauer.

Born out of necessity in Bosch’s own plants, Bosch has developed a portfolio which optimizes automation, manufacturing, and intra-logistical processes with regard to transparency, agility, costs, quality and time : “With NEXEED, you receive IIoT software for the digital factory that has been tried and tested for decades. We always have climate and environmental protection in mind: NEXEED ensures greater resource, material, and energy efficiency in your manufacturing facilities. You can reduce your CO2 footprint. We are continuously developing our portfolio for you at our locations in Germany,...

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