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FILM Marcella VERWEYEN c/o BIGOUDI styles the 'Satyriasis' spot for FUCKING YOUNG mag and Director Matthias Leton, plus personal work for you on GoSee.NEWS

13.07.2022 • Satyriasis or satyromania (derived from the satyr of Greek mythology) are the terms used in medicine and psychology to describe pathologically excessive sexual desire in a man. The terms are considered antiquated today. In the mid-nineteenth century, it was assumed that this hypersexuality was caused both by hereditary tendency and by other factors such as indolence, masturbation and the sedentary lifestyle so popular in our time.

The term satyriasis is the male counterpart to the likewise no longer clinically applied term of nymphomania or man-craziness in women, which is categorized today under the number F52.7 and referred to as ‘excessive sexual desire’ or as satyriasis (in males) or nymphomania (in females) in the international statistical classification of diseases and related health issues by the WHO, which can be read on Wikipedia.

Marcella VERWEYEN c/o BIGOUDI styled the spot ‘Satyriasis’ for FUCKING YOUNG mag for Director Matthias Leton.

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FILM SPOTIFY RADAR featuring Spanish reggaeton star QUEVEDO – a short documentary with various musicians, filmed with DOP TANJA HAERING in Gran Canaria

12.07.2022 • TANJA HAERING realized a short documentary as DOP for SPOTIFY on the island of Gran Canaria. We have the trailer, documentary and photos from the accompanying campaign here on GoSee.

Since it was introduced in 2020, RADAR has served as Spotify’s program for aspiring artists all over the world and helps support new artists and launch them onto the global music stage. And now, RADAR Global presents up-and-coming reggaeton star Quevedo. The 21-year-old from Gran Canaria emerged in 2020 with his single ‘En Reformas’. His sound – a blend of hip hop and Latin-American rhythms inspired by his childhood on the Canary Islands – became popular among fans around the world, and he has meanwhile accumulated more than 9.7 million listeners on Spotify. He made his breakthrough with his single ‘Cayó la noche’ (remix) which brought the once underground artist Quevedo into the limelight – it hit No. 1 in Spotify’s Daily Top Songs chart in Spain.

The short documentary gives fans a glimpse at his roots and his musical journey. As a RADAR artist, Quevedo worked on a shoot with SPOTIFY on the Canary...

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FILM BMW i Vision Circular – BMW celebrates vision and sustainability with Director Knut Burgdorf and HOCHKANT FILM for Jung von Matt

05.07.2022 • The BMW i Vision Circular embodies the BMW Group’s ambitious plan to become the world’s most sustainable manufacturer in the individual premium mobility space. The vision vehicle has been designed according to circular economy principles, factoring circularity into the design, development and manufacturing process from the outset. This design vision looks ahead to a compact, all-electric vehicle for the year 2040 that is focused squarely on sustainability and luxury.

HOCHKANT FILM teamed up with Director Knut Burgdorf to produce the accompanying film on the topic of BMW Sustainability for Jung von Matt (Creative Director: Karim Chughtai, Editing: Hendrik Raufmann, Animation: I Love Dust, Music: Michael Kadelbach). From BMW, Christina von Jakubowski & Markus Breimaier supported production.

The BMW Group set the course for the future early on and consistently focuses on sustainability and conserving resources, from the supply chain through production right up to the end-of-life phase of all products. This policy finds its expression in the BMW i Vision Circular, which was presented...

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FILM ‘BMW The 8 x JEFF KOONS’ – the ultimate blend of art and performance. Director Duncan Winecoff & HOCHKANT FILM produce a film about the liaison at Pace Gallery, NYC

05.07.2022 • No less a figure than Jeff Koons has turned a BMW M850i xDrive Gran Coupé into a work of art. But in contrast to the world-famous BMW Art Cars, the rolling sculpture ‘THE 8 X JEFF KOONS’, isn’t just on display in museums, it is also seen on the streets as a special edition limited to 99 vehicles.

HOCHKANT FILM produced the film ‘BMW The 8 x JEFF KOONS’ in New York’s Pace Gallery with Director Duncan Winecoff and DOP Ryan Marie Helfant for BMW and Jung von Matt (Creative Director: Holly Attrill, Producer: Pascal Bohlen, Editing: Matt Schaff, Post Production: Hochkant Film, Music: James William Blades).

The car’s design combines eleven different exterior colors ranging from blue to silver as well as from yellow to black. The blue reminds him of the vastness of space, Koons explains. It incorporates elements of pop art as well as geometric patterns that blend perfectly with the lines and contours of the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé. The exploding lines of color at the rear are reminiscent of Koons’ BMW Art Car from 2010. According to Koons, the words ‘POP!’ painted on both sides and the...

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