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ILLUSTRATION CAROLINESEIDLER.COM : Preparations for the culinary fall and winter – dinner is served! Cheers, enjoy your meal!

25.07.2022 • CAROLINESEIDLER.COM, the Ambassador of Illustration, presents illustrations by Claudia Meitert, Irene Sackmann, Blagovesta Bakardjieva, Stefanie Hilgarth, Christina Mühlhöfer, Tibo Exenberger, Thomas Madreiter, Maria Ruban, Sarah Egbert Eiersholt, Gina Müller, Merle Schewe, Nicolas Aznarez, and photos by Bernhard Angerer … published for RG Publishing, Falstaff Publishing/International, ÖBB, Kurier, AlaCarte, Carpe Diem, LM Energie/Kiska, Österreichische Bundesforste, Trend Publishing/Hans Mahr, EVN, Amnesty International Germany, and Bar Campari OOH.

“The illustrations are used for packaging, editorials, recipe books, websites, travel guides and menus. The stylistic recipes are versatile and flexible with the right blend of spices. Also as moving images. So please make sure to reserve a table now in the atelier,” says CAROLINESEIDLER.COM.

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ILLUSTRATION ‘Stranger Things’ animation by SUGARBLOOD c/o JSR AGENCY for NETFLIX and the short film ‘Dark Room’ on GoSee

19.07.2022 • JSR Agency presents us the animated film by SUGARBLOOD here on GoSee for the successful series ‘Stranger Things’ on NETFLIX: “NETFLIX tasked six animators to reimagine the Stranger Morning Cartoons – six shorts that recreate scenes from the series in an animation as part of the launch of season 4. SugarBlood, aka Pedro Allevato, created his favorite scenes from the beginning of season 3 in ‘Scoops Ahoy’, when Dustin and Steve perform the crazy handshake and new character Robin, played by Maya Thurman Hawke, is introduced.

Pedro Allevato, aka Sugar Blood, is an award-winning director and motion artist based in London. He has a wealth of experience working with 2D and flat 3D animation, graphic design, visual storytelling with studios in Rio de Janeiro, New York, Vancouver, and London.

Sugar Blood brings together extensive experience with elegant design, and obsession with beautiful movement – all driven by good storytelling. His unique style is defined by a seamless flirt between 2D, flat 3D animation and graphic design. He has worked with a wide range of companies and projects,...

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ILLUSTRATION Society of Illustrators Gold for the ‘Atlas of Mysterious Places of the Ancient World’ by Francesco BONGIORNI c/o SEPIA – looking for a German publisher

08.07.2022 • For his illustrations in the book ‘Atlante dei luoghi misteriosi dell’Antichità’ (Atlas of Mysterious Places of the Ancient World), Francesco BONGIORNI c/o SEPIA has been honored by the Society of Illustrators in New York.

The book has 160 pages, thirty of which with large-format illustrations. It is the second atlas that Francesco has published with author Massimo Polidoro at Bompiani in Italy.

They are now looking for a publishing company for their book in Germany. Interested publishing houses are more than welcome. SEPIA will gladly send you further details, just send them a request to

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ILLUSTRATION JSR AGENCY : A warm welcome to Pietro Soldi, illustrator residing in London – a first PORTFOLIO for you on GoSee.News

09.06.2022 • London-based representation JSR Agency is delighted to announce that they now represent Brazilian artist Pietro Soldi. Pietro lives in London at the moment and worked as art director in advertising for more than a decade before becoming a successful freelance illustrator and cartoonist. Among his clients already are The Washington Post, Brex, Nested, Even, Results UK and Fine Acts, plus many more.

JSR AGENCY : “Massively inspired by the newspaper comic strips universe, his work is characterized by loose line work, lively color and humor. Apart from his extensive love for black ink on paper, Pietro also enjoys experimenting with different materials and other techniques such as animation.

Pietro is 6′ 4″ and can be easily used as a reference point in a crowded place (his wife does it all the time). After more than ten years working in advertising, Pietro quit his office life to live from his drawings and was never happier. When he is not drawing or writing comics, you can find him being walked by his dog Billie across the parks of North London.”

We have a first portfolio for you on...

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ILLUSTRATION 'Let’s Make Happy Work' - Muokkaa c/o JSR AGENCY designs the characters for the STARTWELL campaign

09.06.2022 • Empowering workplace culture through positive mental health – Startwell is the new diagnostic service for mental health at the workplace by MHFA England : “We create sector-specific mental health programs aligned with your mission.” Startwell is a program which is suitable for all companies and all organizations – completely adaptable to every industry.

Muokkaa c/o JSR AGENCY designed the characters for the STARTWELL ‘Let’s Make Happy Work’ campaign. He was commissioned to do so by branding agency Boldspace for their client Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and their Startwell service.

“For fifteen years, MHFA England has been in workplaces delivering mental health first aid and mental health training. We have always been clear that any training must be part of a whole organizational approach to promoting mental health and workplace well-being. During this period, we have learned enormous amounts about how mental health and performance can fuel individuals, teams, and business success. As a social enterprise, we are single-mindedly focused on improving the mental health of the nation....

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