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ILLUSTRATION Have the Oscars lost their lustre? – THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’s Oscars Feature by Muokkaa c/o JSR AGENCY

09.06.2022 • For the Oscars feature in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Muokkaa, aka Álex López, an Art Director & 3D illustrator based in Madrid, was commissioned to create an illustration themed upon the growing dissatisfaction with or even unpopularity of the Oscars and their awards ceremony. The event seems to have – perhaps also due to the pandemic – lost a bit of its lustre. Violence, the likes of which we have seen this year, certainly doesn’t help the matter much. Not if you want to convey the unique appeal of stars made in Hollywood across the globe.

The Hollywood Reporter is a trade journal of the film industry in the United States. In September 1930, former film salesman William R. Wilkerson published the first issue. Today, The Hollywood Reporter is a publication which belongs to The Nielsen Company.

Muokaa on the artistic approach of his work in general : “Focusing on geometrical shapes and isometrical perspectives, my main goal is to create very graphic images where colors, lights and shadows are front and center. This kind of images is perfect for editorial illustration, advertising or...

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ILLUSTRATION ‘Penny the Mirror’ – illustrated children’s book by Martin NICOLAUSSON c/o WILDFOX RUNNING and author Dave Bell for LITTLE GESTALTEN Publishing

16.05.2022 • For Little Gestalten Publishing, Martin NICOLAUSSON c/o WILDFOX RUNNING visualized the children’s book ‘Penny the Mirror’ together with the author Dave Bell.

Mirrors have a hard time. They never feel like they are doing a good job, because when people look in the mirror, they (almost) always say something bad. But mirrors have feelings too and take it personally. “Penny the Mirror’ is a hilarious story about Penny’s life-changing journey to acceptance, which in turn empowers all readers to celebrate themselves…

Dave Bell is an author, creative director and curator. He has authored or conceived several books in the areas of design, marketing and photography. Dave was born in Scotland, lives in London, has a German family and works for the Dutch design agency KesselsKramer.

Martin Nicolausson is a Stockholm-based illustrator and graphic designer. Ever since he graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2008, he has been working with editorial and commercial clients such as The New York Times, Nike, Wallpaper* and Wired magazine. Drawing as much inspiration from the past as from...

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ILLUSTRATION GREENPEACE MAG, PHILOSOPHIE MAG and Geneva Data Gap with eye-catching illustrations by Joni MAJER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

16.05.2022 • Joni MAJER c/o WILDFOX RUNNING designed works on the topic of the Geneva Data Gap, an illustration for PHILOSOPHIE MAGAZINE and various motifs on commission for GREENPEACE MAGAZINE in light of the Ukraine Crisis.

Joni Majer was born in 1985 in Berlin. Having visited her favorite country France several times, she lives and works in the most French city of Germany: Saarbrücken. After studying, she set up a studio there to put her thoughts onto paper and canvas.

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ILLUSTRATION ONE VOTE campaign of the platform by Julia PRASCHMA c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

16.05.2022 • Julia PRASCHMA c/o WILDFOX RUNNING illustrated graphics for the ONE VOTE campaign of the platform, which is dedicated to ending extreme poverty and avoidable diseases by the year 2030.

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ILLUSTRATION ‘1.5 Lifestyles’ for a more sustainable life with collages by Anton HALLMANN c/o SEPIA

16.05.2022 • The study ‘1point5lifestyles’ examines what we can change in our everyday lives to achieve the climate goals. Anton HALLMANN c/o SEPIA combined three areas of life in a collage: How can we eat, live and be mobile in a more sustainable manner? For the ZOE Institute for Future-Fit Economies.

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