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ILLUSTRATION Cover for the IPPL Environmental Justice issue ‘We Must Act Now’ by Trajan JIA c/o JSR AGENCY

13.04.2022 • How successful was the COP 26, the global UN Climate Summit, which took place in Glasgow in November? It was a moment when countries around the world came together with the aim of ramping up the ambition to tackle the climate crisis – but how successful were they? Illustrator Trajan Jia c/o JSR AGENCY was commissioned to illustrate the cover of the science magazine IPPR on the topic of ‘Environmental Justice’, approaching the theme of the issue with a dreamlike bedroom scene.

See more of Trajan’s work via JSR AGENCY – and we present you further work from his portfolio here.

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ILLUSTRATION The wrath of the cash courier – Luca BOSCARDIN c/o SEPIA illustrates the story of courier Toni Musulin for STERN Crime

29.03.2022 • Luca BOSCARDIN c/o SEPIA is an Italian illustrator who currently lives in Amsterdam. His seemingly simple and minimalist style never fails to unfold its enticing effect with ease. Which, of course, is something his clients like – and his skills are sought after also, or particularly, when it comes to serious or complex topics.

For STERN Crime, he illustrated the story of Toni Musulin, the former driver of an armored vehicle. Toni stole an entire cash delivery van full of money from the Bank of France. 11.6 million euros, of which 2.5 million still remain missing even after his arrest. Since the theft was carried out without the use of violence, most of the money was found, and he turned himself in voluntarily, he was sentenced to only three years in prison according to French law.

Stern Crime – On more than 140 pages, true crime stories are examined in every aspect. The focus of the stories is not on the crime itself, but on the people involved in it. Stern Crime not only wants to know how the criminal cases happened and how they were solved, it is also always interested in the...

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ILLUSTRATION An in-depth look at alcohol-free beer – Anton HALLMANN c/o SEPIA illustrates for the BEER CULTURE REPORT 2021 by the Austrian Brewing Union

29.03.2022 • Non-alcoholic has been a growing trend in the beer industry for several years. Which is why the Beer Culture Report 2021 takes a sober look into the history of beer – from past to present. The 13th edition of the Austrian Beer Culture Report published by the Communication department of Brau Union Österreich AG, or the Austrian Brewing Union, in 2021 is the result of comprehensive research into alcohol-free beer.

The report was illustrated by Anton HALLMANN c/o SEPIA for Brau Union Österreich. With images and infographics, he tells the story of beer, the brewing process and how alchohol-free beer is made. The survey for the report was conducted by market research institute Market among 2,094 Austrians over the age of eighteen in the form of telephone and online interviews in March 2021.

Anton Hallmann took up storytelling with illustrations already while studying for his Masters degree at the HAW in Hamburg. Today, he lives in Sweden and works for international companies, such as Brau Union.

Brau Union Österreich distributes more than 5 million hectoliters of beer in just one year –...

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ILLUSTRATION PORSCHE CONSULTING Magazine & VHS – editorial illustrations by Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT

02.03.2022 • Two illustrations were realized by Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT in his realistic style for the 100-year anniversary of the adult education center VHS. Such centers contribute greatly to social unity. They are locally represented everywhere, anchored in the community and help promote respect for one another.

Michael PLEESZ c/o ART ACT illustrated on the topic of ‘Strategic Change Management’ for the online magazine of PORSCHE CONSULTING. The illustrator residing in Vienna with a penchant for retro styles sees himself more as a craftsman or problem solver than an artist, which he reveals in a portrait in PAGE MAGAZINE.

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ILLUSTRATION Murals, Live Paintings, Family Poster, Packaging Design … Flying over Fredinkoland – a look back at the year with a potpourri of the work by live painting artist FREDINKO c/o ART ACT

02.03.2022 • An event with a lasting impression : Fredinko does the sketch, and the audience paints. Whether big or small, the audience always participates enthusiastically in the artwork. Whether the artwork is made to last forever, it is used to make smaller pictures, or it is turned into fashion accessories, bags, carpets or boat sails – that is entirely up to you. What’s most important : Together is more fun! A wonderfully colorful and joyful look back at the year full of various live events and illustrations of Swiss artist FREDINKO is brought to you by ART ACT here on GoSee.

Fredinko was born in Zurich and grew up well-protected in the midst of mountains, lush grass and a cow’s round flat dough-cake in the nice Glarnerland. As a 14-year-old, he began to draw for a local newspaper. He finished his education as a graphic artist at the advertising agency JWT in Zurich. He then worked several years as an art director for different advertising agencies in Switzerland as well as abroad. He later worked for seven years as creative director for the agency TBWA Zurich. Today, he works as a...

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